3 Coins With The Potential To Be The Next SHIBA in 2022

Therefore, in this list, we are going to discuss 3 coins with the highest potential to reach SHIBA levels or maybe even beyond in 2022.

After the launch of the Metaverse, and still being in beta, it’s very likely that any cryptocurrencies associated with this particular project could see some serious gains in the future.

Naturally, the coin that’s likely to benefit the most out of this is ETH, but not as much as Axie Infinity’s AXS. The thing is that ETH 10x-ing is like a world-changing phenomenon, which is unlikely to happen in 2022. However, AXS 10x-ing is realistic considering its current trading volume and price.

Even if it may falter in long-term gains, current charts show a pretty good set-up for short-term consolidations considering the last week’s volatility.

SAPE & SPEP – A New Take on Community Cryptos

Although it’s 2 coins, SAPE and SPEP are part of the same project, so it’s likely that when one of them grows, the other will follow suit just a bit more behind.

The SAPE & SPEP project, created by Stadium.Finance revolves around community involvement in price movements of their chosen crypto. 3 times every day, these tokens fight a virtual battle to determine which one’s supply will be burned. The community decides the winner by being as active as possible with transactions.

Considering that the project has been live for a little more than 2 months the current growth is astounding. Add to that the recent announcement of a Whitepaper launch as well as a successful audit, and we see a project walking the exact same journey that took SHIBA to the moon.

Both coins already have a combined market cap of $20 million and a daily trading volume currently in its recovery phase. Both SAPE and SPEP have huge potential both in the short and long terms.

CAKE – The Times Square of Crypto

CAKE is a part of the PancakeSwap exchange, which is currently the highway that every newly launched cryptocurrency is taking.

In one way or another, many people are comparing CAKE to BNB considering just how many projects are appearing on its native PancakeSwap exchange. The history of performance is in many ways similar to BNB as well.

Although the coin is going through its many bearish markets, its growth is expected in the short term due to many new projects being added to PancakeSwap as well as the potential to incorporate CAKE in all PancakeSwap transactions.

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