Alien Worlds and Gods Unchained supremacy as NFT card games is coming to an end

Alien Worlds and Gods Unchained have ruled NFT card games for some time now. While Gods Unchained is a top NFT collection by trading volume, Alien Worlds is one of the most trending NFT games out there. 

Top NFT collections, 17 Oct 2022, Source: DappRadar 

However, their supremacy is coming to an end as a new NFT card game takes charge with gripping game mechanics and lower barriers to entry. As revealed by a rapidly progressing presale, Calvaria will mark the beginning of a new era of card games. 

A Crypto Game for Non-crypto Users 

There are dozens of NFT card games. But most bite the dust a few days into launch, failing to penetrate the mainstream gaming market. One of the key reasons is the jargon-laced blockchain and crypto narratives that can be a major turn-off for traditional gamers. 

This is where Calvaria comes in. 

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity

The emerging battle card game marks itself off in the packed gaming market by targeting both traditional and crypto gamers. It offers free-to-play and play-to-earn versions, which are customized for both categories of users. That way, it aims to convert traditional gamers into crypto gamers over time, by introducing the benefits of going play-to-earn. 

The free-to-play version will be available for download on both Google Play and App Store.  It will give users an opportunity to get acquainted with the game without installing a wallet or purchasing costly NFTs and crypto tokens. Once they’re well-versed in gameplay, they can move to the play-to-earn version. It will help them turn their gaming skills into a source of income with a small initial investment. 

Calvaria has launched an attractive giveaway with $100k up for grabs on Gleam to spread the word about the game.  

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Riveting Gaming Mechanics  

One of the key features that will establish Calvaria’s supremacy in the coming days is its unique theme. Calvaria is centered around the afterlife. The theme opens a lot of creative possibilities, as it has not been used much in gaming or even popular media. 

Striking character designs

The main game from Calvaria is Duels of Eternity, which is currently in the development phases. The card game hosts tournaments where the cards represent different characters, each with its own unique sets of abilities. You need to defeat opponents using complex strategies and tactics to win rewards and upgrades.

If the gaming mechanics unfold as detailed in the whitepaper, it has the potential to give top NFT games like Alien Worlds and Gods Unchained a run for their money.  It is designed to grab the attention of traditional gamers, not just crypto gamers, who prioritize the earning aspect. Calvaria mini-games are already out.

The Calvaria ecosystem

What gives Calvaria high upside potential in 2022, apart from ease of access and addictive gameplay?

  • DAO 
  • Scholarships
  • In-game store 
  • Gamified staking platform with multiple pools. 
  • Experienced team of founders and developers

Compelling P2E Opportunities 

Calvaria rewards gamers for the time and effort they put into the game and the ecosystem. $RIA token is the fuel of the Calvaria ecosystem. You need $RIA to access all game features and buy an initial deck of cards. 

It can also be used to buy cards, upgrades, energy replenishment packs, and more.  If you have idle $RIA holdings, you can stake them in the ecosystem to earn daily passive income rewards. A specific amount of $RIA tokens locked on the staking platform allows users to participate in the governance of the ecosystem. 

The presale of $RIA is fast selling out, as a result of the massive traction from crypto investors and gamers alike. Predicted to gain around 30X growth next year, the token is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. Zero vesting adds to the appeal of the presale. The pioneering gaming model introduced by Calvaria has already secured high-profile partnerships with KuCoin,, and to name just a few. 

Stage 1


1 USDT = 100 $RIA 


Stage 2

1 USDT = 80 $RIA


Stage 3

1 USDT = 66 $RIA











Calvaria presale overview

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