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© Reuters. Altcoin Daily’s ‘Is Aptos the Solana Killer?’ Gets Myriad Answers
  • Altcoin Daily asks if Aptos is a Killer; the crypto community reacts.
  • “It’s still too early to call it Solana killer,” states a crypto enthusiast.
  • Aptos fails to live up to the hype it created leading to the launch.

Following the Twitter post that Altcoin Daily, a youtube channel for daily news and crypto opinion, shared, there were many thoughts and opinions expressed by netizens.

One crypto enthusiast took to Twitter to convey his opinion to the above Twitter post, which read “Is #Aptos the ‘Solana Killer’?” In reply to the post, he added that Aptos wasn’t the killer, but Altcoin daily was the killer that warded off investors.

As evidence to support his statement, the user shared screenshots of Altcoin Daily’s pessimistic views.

Meanwhile, another user who supported neither of the cryptocurrencies mentioned that it is too early to make a call. Moreover, he added:

Aptos is still trying to get its market share, it’s still too early to call it Solana killer. In the same way, they called Solana, killer and it started having network problems. Aptos should be given the space to grow and find its path without any unhealthy comparisons

But more interestingly, another user stated that Solana doesn’t need any killers as it was pretty efficient at committing a prolonged suicide each time it went offline.

Heralded as “Solana Killer,” Aptos seemed to have failed to live up to the expectation that it promised during the build-up to the launch of the mainnet. Specifically, Aptos vouched for a transaction speed of 160K transactions per second (TPS); nonetheless, as per the Twitter post shared by a user, Aptos had a lower TPS than . Some sources disclosed that the TPS was close to 4.

In addition to that, Aptos added insult to injury when its developers disabled the project’s Discord and Telegram channels which went against its core design principle to focus on developer and user experience, as mentioned in the Apto release.

However, the project said it was a proactive measure to “protect the community from scams during this window.”

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