ArtPunks Inspire a Deeper Appreciation to the Solana Network while Paying Homage to Historical Works of Art

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2021 / It is not everyday you walk into a house with a Picasso hanging on the wall, but today is not every other day. Today is a day where a digital Picasso is just as valuable, if not more than the original. A day where digital art is selling for more than a Warhol at Christie’s auction house in New York City. The same digital art piece that outbid historical paintings by classical artists from the past by millions of dollars. ArtPunks blurs the digital and tangible lines, bringing ‘pizzazz’ to CryptoPunks and the Solana metaverse.

Many have doubted the digital space we now call the crypto-industry. These same folks have wondered how anything related to crypto could cross over into the real world. Few have taken the leap of faith into the crypto space, but those few who have jumped, have thrived. One of those thriving teams are the ArtPunks. A unique collection of NFTs inspired by most famous works in art history available on the Solana markets MagicEden and DigitalEyes.

The ArtPunks NFT collection brings recognition to the value of art and to those who created it. They have made it their mission to combine historical works of art with the iconic OG of NFT collections, the CryptoPunks. This 10,000 algorithmically generated collection is created by neural artistic style transfer that represents the past and the future all in one. Each ArtPunk pays tribute to a wide range of artists including famous works by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci and many other artists from our distant and current.

Two hundred and fifty art pieces from the most remarkable artists create ArtPunk NFTs with the help of Artificial Intelligence. At the forefront is the detailed metadata in the Solana Network. This data provides the name of the painting, the painting’s original title, the artist’s name, the artist’s nationality, the art movement, the painting type, the painting year, the CryptoPunk’s rank, attributes, and many other points, as well as its ArtPunk Rank.

ArtPunks contribute to the increasing popularity of Solana NFTs, CryptoPunks Parody, AI, and artistic expression. There have been some exciting additions to the project since minting, including automatic staking rewards. Profit-sharings, along with inspiring a deeper appreciation of Art, the development team has built a roadmap to give back to their fantastic community. Each Artpunks NFT holder earns 5% royalties resulting in passive income depending upon the number of Artpunks they hold. They reward ArtPunks holders who hold more than just one ArtPunk with achievements in free NFTs. For example if you collect 5 ArtPunks from the Surrealist movement you are rewarded with an achievement. They actively host social giveaways and plan to launch their second drop called the Frames collection in November. The Frames collection is not exclusive to only ArtPunks holders. Still, they do emphasize that if you hold an original ArtPunks NFT, you can unlock more achievements in their roadmap, including an additional 3% royalty through Frames. The most innovative plans to the crypto space to date is ArtPunks VR Art Gallery, which will allow holders to view their ArtPunks NFT within the digital walls of a private metaverse in early 2022.

You will not want to miss out on what is in store for the ArtPunks. This unique collection is available for purchase exclusively on the Solana network. If you love digital art and have a knack for owning unique NFTs representing a symbolic piece of history, check out ArtPunks NFT collection here. Please stay updated on their latest announcements to access more rewards through their discord and Twitter accounts.

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