Bitcoin, Chainlink and Ethereum – European Wrap 17 October

Bitcoin price shows a lack of volatility after the Consumer Price Index (CPI) announcement on October 13. The weekend was lackluster and did not produce any significant moves, however, the Asian session seems to be taking an interest in pushing BTC higher, which could result in Ethereum, Ripple and altcoins rallying. 


Chainlink is one of the top three altcoins according to proponents and analysts who evaluated the altcoin and its Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP). Jon Melillo, a crypto analyst and trader revealed his bullish outlook on Chainlink. 


LINK/USD price chart

Ethereum (ETH) price action has seen a strong recovery that started on Sunday after the dust settled following the events of last week. Additionally, a lack of big catalysing events on the data front this week suggests a window of calmness may open up for markets. During this time ETH price action will probably try to eke out some gains as markets turn their focus instead to quarterly earnings from Netflix, Goldman Sachs and Snap later this week.

ETH/USD Daily chart





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