Bitcoin Is Driving Autonomy Over Authority

Part I: Bitcoin As A Tree, Persistence And Deep Structures

A Reverie

Perhaps if I had been more brazen, the title to part one of this series would have ended up as something more tantalizing, something punchy like “Bitcoin Is A Palm Tree, And Fiat Is A Coconut.” But for better or worse, such a title felt saturated with a bit too much levity, too tropical and trivial for such a weighty topic.

In truth though, the palm tree imagery would have actually been a very accurate allegory of how the bitcoin and fiat roadmap will evolve as we progress further into the 21st century. A royal palm, roystonea oleracea, bobbing feverishly in a torrential squall, though never ceasing to retain a firm grasp to its roots deep under the soil. And as with any storm, the only Darwinian necessity for this tree is one of survival, to ride out the tempest as unscathed as possible.

Other trees and structures may shatter and snap in capitulation to the harsh vagaries of nature, leaving more sunlight for our royal palm to absorb once the sky has cleared. The debris from all that had not been robust enough to survive the attack, metabolized by colonies of termites and brush fires, transformed into lush and fertile soil. A new base layer from which to rebuild and thrive. An apt metaphor, in light of the fact that soil happens to be the only physical medium ever observed in nature capable of transforming death into life. Likewise, an absolutely scarce, incorruptible sound money is the only economic medium capable of breathing economic life into a decaying and debased financial system.

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