Bitcoin Loses Grip in Climb Up as Ethereum Surges

Bitcoin slipped a bit on Sunday, stalling around $56,780 as it continued to try to climb back up, after falling hard in late April. Ethereum, another cryptocurrency, meanwhile surged higher, getting closer to reaching $3,000.

By Sunday evening, Bitcoin was still a ways off from the cryptocurrency’s April high when it punched past $64,000. But it was around 13% higher than where the coin sat at the same time a week ago, when it tumbled below $48,000 for a time. Bitcoin was down more than 1% on the day Sunday.

Ethereum, however, shot up more than 34% in the past seven days, hitting $2,974.53 on Sunday evening, according to CoinGecko. That’s a huge gain over one year ago, when it was $214.25 to the dollar.

Other cryptos gained, as well. Binance Coin reached $623, up around 25% in a week, while Dogecoin — of Elon Musk tweet fame — has rose to nearly 39 cents, up nearly 44%.

The volatility is expected in cryptos — including bitcoin, the most highly valued one by far. But bitcoin’s ride up over the past year or so has been dramatic.

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