Cardano Announces Color-Coded Plan for Rollout Till September

Cardano developer, Input-Output Global (IOG) has announced details describing upcoming updates for the platform. IOG has revealed the Alonzo rollout plan, comprising a color-coded series of tenets.

IOG has already begun with Alonzo Blue, the first phase. The developer will conduct the phase with partners, a task force, and core stake pool operators. Alonzo Blue will examine the network and its primary functionalities.

After Alonzo Blue is completed, IOG will launch Alonzo White. The second phase will have participation from more partners than were present with Alonzo Blue and also involve demo dApps. Furthermore, Alonzo White will feature participation from stake pool operators, pioneers, and about 500 members of the Cardano community. This phase will also infuse Coinbase’s Rosetta framework mechanism which will support the addition of tokens.

The next phase, scheduled for August, is the Alonzo Purple. This will launch the first major public testnet with participation from all pioneers. Alonzo Purple will test the Explorer and Daedalus Flight components, assessed along with the platform’s general stability.

The last two stages will be Alonzo Reed and Alonzo Black. Regardless, Alonzo Purple is expected to have most components ready before the end of September.

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