Cardano blockchain powers up ‘Grace,’ a robot nurse 

Artificial intelligence and robotics are slowly but surely spreading across the world, and blockchain technology is playing a big role in their existence. 

Grace, a humanoid robot that was designed and developed for elderly care tasks, will be powered by the Cardano blockchain. The robot’s artificial intelligence will fully utilize Cardano’s advanced blockchain technology to fulfill critical tasks effectively. 

The robotic nurse, who can speak (and is fluent) in both English and Korean language, was designed by Wakening Health and SingularityNET. It was built for commercial use and can fulfill tasks such as elderly care and general health care. 

The demand for robots that can perform elderly care has spiked since the pandemic broke out, and Grace is up to the task of taking a slice of this big global demand. 

Almost human-like

Since Grace’s main job description is to take care of the elderly, she was equipped with features that closely resemble humans’ touch and care. 

Her face is equipped with 48 facial muscles that enable her to mimic various facial expressions that are needed in every situation. 

And by equipping her artificial intelligence with Cardano’s blockchain tech, developers say that her performance can significantly improve and the processing of bio-data would be greatly reduced. 

“In such applications, the robot has to process medical records in the background, and it has to process potentially confidential information that the elderly and medical patients may give to it in the background… This really uses the security of the Cardano Platform,” Ben Goertzel, chief executive officer of SingularityNET, said. 

More capabilities

Goertzel also said that through Plutus’ smart contract, the company can now perform more amazing tasks that weren’t possible before because of technical limitations back then. 

SingularityNET announced this month that it will be the first major Ethereum-based project to at least partially migrate the main proof-of-stake blockchain. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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