Cardano, Solana, Avalanche, Matic, Pancakeswap, Bitgert & Centcex

Cardano, Solana, Avalanche, Matic, Pancakeswap, Bitgert & Centcex – Top Projects of 2022?

Here is the top projects of 2022.

The only guarantee to getting good returns from a crypto project is investing in the biggest cryptocurrency. The biggest cryptocurrencies are the crypto projects developing products that will disrupt the crypto industry. The good news is that there are already some projects that are proving a force to reckon with in 2022. Here is a list of some of the top projects of 2022 and why the crypto community believes they are a worthy investment.


1. Bitgert

Bitgert will be among the top crypto projects of 2022 by the end of this year. This is based on the disruptiveness of this blockchain project. The team is developing one of the biggest products in DeFi that includes a global peer-to-peer payment system that will run on the Bitgert ecosystem. This means the team is building a Bitgert blockchain and a cryptocurrency exchange. 

Brise exchange is already in the final stages and will be launched in Q1 2022. But it is the Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain, which is already in the development stages, that will make Bitgert one of the top crypt projects of 2022. It is the first gas-free blockchain. Get more about the project on the Bitgert website.


2. Centcex

There are so many reasons why investors were buying Centcex tokens in thousands during the first of 2022 when other cryptocurrencies were plunging. The unmatched token utility is one of the biggest reasons Centcex is growing fast. The Centcex team is developing an unlimited number of dApp projects that will run on the network ecosystem.

CENX investors are getting 100% APY from staking the token, which is a huge income considering many products will be running on the Centcex ecosystem. Products’ development is funded by the 3% tax on all transactions. Centcex is a project that will attract many investors in 2022 because of its innovative reward system and token utility. Read more about this project on the Centcex website.


3. Cardano

Cardano became of the first blockchain networks that addressed the issue of scalability, security, and gas cost in the Ethereum blockchain by successfully implementing a proof-of-stake consensus protocol. With Solana being the fastest blockchain, the team is working to beat the competition with the much-awaited Hydra upgrade.

This is a layer-2 protocol upgrade that is the Cardano blockchain faster, cheaper and secure. In fact, the Cardano team says that the Hydra upgrade will enable 1 million tps. This means Cardano will be the fastest blockchain, which will attract more projects and users. That’s why Cardano is still one of the biggest projects of 2022. 


4. Solana

The fact that Solana is still unbeaten as the fastest blockchain is one big reason why it is still popular with investors. But the Solana team is not done yet as it is planning to make the network even better in 2022. According to the released 2022 roadmap, the team is working on the Solana mainnet to increase the current 65,000 tps so as to address the current demand of 400,000 tps. 

The Solana team is also working on the network to bring more projects. With the DeFi and metaverse industries growing fast, Solana wants to accommodate as many projects as possible. This means the token utility will be increased, and the number of users will be increased. All these developments will work together to make Solana one of the top projects of 2022.


5. Avalanche

Avalanche, one of the Ethereum compatible smart contracts, is a contract providing developers with a fast and affordable platform for developing dApps. It has been one of the fastest smart contracts for a while now, and the team is not done yet because 2022 is the year it says Avalanche will even be better.  

The Avalanche team is working on its network to push the performance of the contract to a higher speed and safety. The team wants Avalanche to provide the best users experience for all the smart contracts in the industry. There will also be more projects on the Avalanche network. With the fastest and the most efficient smart contract, Avalanche will be one of the top projects of 2022.


6. Matic

Matic, the Polygon native coin, will be one of the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022. With the Polygon (Matic) still working on the Ethereum network to address the scalability and the gas cost issues, Matic will continue to be one of the most sought-after tokens in the market. Polygon (Matic) is a smart contract that provides Ethereum-based developers a cheaper and faster platform to develop dApps. 

With the Polygon team working to develop a faster and more efficient contract in 2022, more Ethereum based projects will be joining the contract. That’s how Matic demand will continue increasing in 2022. There is a lot that is going on at Polygon that will make Matic one of the cryptocurrencies in 2022.


7. PancakeSwap

The fast growth of the PancakeSwap exchange is an indication that the project has utility. As an automated market maker, PancakeSwap has been very critical in promoting the access of new tokens coming into the market. This is one exchange where most of the new projects are easily accessible due to automated liquidity management. But the PancakeSwap team is providing more than AMM services. 

The team is now working on giving PancakeSwap token, CAKE, more utility, and this is what’s attracting investors to buy more of this project. PancakeSwap ecosystem has a lottery where token holders buy tickets and participate in a lottery using CAKE. PancakeSwap lottery winners get rewarded CAKE or NFT tokens. NFTs can be traded for CAKE or just hold them in the wallet. This is what’s going to make PancakeSwap one of the best projects of 2022.

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