Charlotte Innovation Firm BSI  Solutions, Inc. is leading the Way  with Blockchain Technology

BSI Solutions, Inc. on a Quest to make the Queen City the next Silicon Valley

BSI Solutions, Inc, is on a Quest to make the  Queen City the next Silicon Valley!

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA , UNITED STATES , April 27, 2021 / — Charlotte can be stated as the tech magnet because of its growing tech industry and the surging interest of businesses in the flourishing tech scene. While many of Charlotte’s tech leaders  such as Bank of America, Credit Karma, Lending Tree etc. are tied to the city’s financial sector, local innovation firm BSI Solutions is transforming cybersecurity and data protection utilizing bitcoin technology, Blockchain.  

Blockchain – along with its sister buzzwords “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” – has been a hot topic in the tech and finance sectors for several years and is now beginning to infiltrate many different industries including transportation, logistics and supply chain. 

In keeping up with this emerging technology  while also helping to cultivate Charlotte’s tech ecosystem, BSI Solutions, Inc. is transforming blockchain technology and implementing it as a cybersecurity and data protection solution. “Blockchain has become one of the most disruptive and impactful technologies over the past 3 years. From cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, to how we securely share data and enhance our Cybersecurity position, Blockchain is changing the way we use technology daily. In addition to regular industry growth, the pandemic has created an unprecedented need to further enhance companies’ security postures. We have directed our focus on using Blockchain as a revolutionary solution to address Data protection and Cyber security needs. We have uncovered and implemented an unimagined Blockchain solution that has taken it beyond cryptocurrency,” says Dr. Kendrick Carroll, President and CEO of BSI Solutions, Inc. 

Developers, software engineers, and data analysts are in high demand in Charlotte. Tech jobs are projected to increase by about 9% in 2024 and BSI Solutions will be a major factor in the increase of both creating tech positions in Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quantum Computing and will continue to push innovative technology forward in Charlotte. “With our focus on delivering transformative, innovative solutions, what better place than the Queen City to call home. We believe Charlotte is the prime location for innovation and it is our goal to continue to shine the light on Charlotte’s innovativeness and coin the city as the east coast version of “Silicon Valley,” says Dr. Kendrick Carroll.  

BSI’s ability to utilize multiple technologies allows them to create new capabilities through collaboration. We are in an era of combinatorial innovation, and the combined impact of extended reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies within the technology industry will be unprecedented. With the implementation of these revolutionary technologies, the Queen City is on its way to ruling the tech space and becoming the next Silicon Valley! 

About BSI Solutions, Inc. 
BSI Solutions, Inc. is an innovation firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that provides technology and business solutions for corporate and governmental clients. Their core expertise is innovation, including but not limited to: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Design Thinking, and Extended Reality. The firm is dedicated to challenging assumptions and redefining problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions that may not be instantly apparent. In addition to developing customized innovative solutions, the firm also offers an organic talent pipeline of top qualified technical and functional personnel. For more information about BSI please visit:   

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