Decentralized digital ID module part of a new SDK from IOTA and Zebra

A distributed ledger vendor and a specialized hardware maker have launched an edge software development kit comprised of modules for building tools including one for decentralized digital identity apps.

The nonprofit IOTA Foundation worked with Zebra Technologies to create the SDK, which will aid developers in writing for and testing its distributed ledger software on Zebra products such as handhelds, scanners, locating hardware and software and printers.

Modules are open-source, and the first one available for public feedback is the Identity Enabler. According to IOTA, the module can issue, verify and manage decentralized and interoperable IDs for people, resources and organizations.

Portability is a key capability of the modules, say Iota executives. Identities more often than not are staked to an organizational or regional area, which means crossing these domains typically requires reverifying a digital ID. More efficiency is the goal.

Modules can be run on browsers and Google’s Android operating system.

The Identity Enabler includes a verifier application that runs on Zebra hardware. The software can sense ID tampering and checks the authorship of the presentations and credentials using a digital signature.

Projected use cases include personal information management, allowing a self-sovereign ID stored on an individual’s devices to be managed by its owner. In the same vein, DIDs could be used as more easily and securely shared trade certificates or device identifiers.

IOTA Foundation Tech Analyst and Project Lead José Manuel Cantera explains the SDK, and the benefits of combining decentralized database architecture with processing at the network edge at some length in a YouTube video.

IOTA has also developed a crypto wallet that is secured with biometric authentication.

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