DOGE remains a top choice among meme coins but will Big Eyes Coin grow to become a possible threat?




The crypto market is continuously churning out numerous methods of earning passively, offering possible users and clients a way to increase their worth and boost their knowledge and improve certain aspects of their lives.

Recently, various coins are taking on a twist, offering dual benefits. One example is meme coins, ‘joke currencies’ based on a popular internet meme or an image that went viral. Although many could not have imagined it and still don’t believe it, meme coins have become well-known investment opportunities with community-driven success.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, meme coins have something for everyone; from Dogecoin (DOGE), a veteran in this speciality that has attained as many results as it has global popularity, to a new kid on the block Big Eyes coin (BIG) that’s attracted a lot of attention thanks to its cute, cat-based mascot and its promises of increasing worth while rescuing the planet from climate change, one ocean at a time.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a popular cryptocurrency based on the well-known “Doge” meme on the internet, created on the 6th of December 2013. A Shiba Inu is featured on Dogecoin’s logo, and the project’s codebase was a branch of Litecoin, which led to them possessing some of the same features like the hash hashing algorithm, with ample inflationary supply and branding being the only differences between them.

Dogecoin grew an online community of its own rather quickly, and in January 2014, the ‘joke currency’ obtained a capitalization of $60 million. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin’s coin production schedule moved swiftly, with a hundred billion coins in circulation by the middle of 2015 and an extra 5.256 billion coins each year. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer created Dogecoin intending to birth a cryptocurrency with a fun twist that appeals farther than the general Bitcoin market. Primarily, Dogecoin serves as a tipping system within social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, on which users reward each other after one party has created or shared entertaining or good content.




Dogecoin’s community is remarkably active and always involved whenever the need to organize a fundraising activity for a good cause arises. Unfortunately, Dogecoin might be abandoned for newer, shinier options because its developers have not implemented any significant changes to the cryptocurrency since 2015, aside from the updates that went live in July 2022, which boosted the security and scalability of the coin. A strength Dogecoin was known for was its fun-loving and relaxed community, but that seems to have become something of a weakness as other cryptocurrencies have a more professional approach to operating.

Regardless, Dogecoin seems to be a profitable avenue as it has retained a spot within the top 10 cryptocurrencies based on market cap and the word on the street is that it has plans to expand in the future. if that wasn’t impressive, Elon Musk, eccentric billionaire and CEO of SpaceX, has made public statements in which he declared his support for the cryptocurrency and even revealed that Dogecoin will be accepted as a currency to pay for Tesla and that his car company had large quantities of the cryptocurrency stored away. This shows that Dogecoin is one cryptocurrency that will never stay down, no matter how many times it falls.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Right off the bat, Big Eyes Coin is a fresh take on meme coins, as the newcomer opted for a cat-based character as the face of its brand while all its predecessors have stuck to dog-based icons. Big Eyes coin is a new cryptocurrency on a mission to spread wealth and save the oceans while it is at it.

The new token plans to send wealth into the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem to build its identity and recognition by using the influencer economy to push its agenda. If nothing else, Big Eyes can be admired for its cunning marketing strategy, as its cute, loveable cat has a lot of potential to be accepted and promoted by global celebrities and influencers. And because Big Eyes is confident in its aspirations, it has allocated 5% of its tokens to fund its marketing ideas.

And because it’s not just what’s on the surface that counts, Big Eyes worms its way further into the hearts of people with its philanthropic desire to save oceans by donating to charities that dedicate their time and effort to conserving water-based ecosystems. For this cause, Big Eyes has set aside 5% of its tokens to be granted to a charity wallet through which donations will be made to ocean sanctuaries across the globe. Big Eyes has even gone as far as to incorporate its plans into its cat command roadmap, highlighting when it makes its first and second donations within stages one and two. In the fourth stage, the token plans on making a sizable donation of $1 million.

Big Eyes hopes its contributions can empower ocean sanctuaries to keep helping fishes, protecting them from the direct effects of pollution, oil spills, industrial fishing, and climate change, allowing the fishes to be healthier and simultaneously eliminating carbon from the earth’s atmosphere.

While the brains behind Big Eyes are not known publicly, their goals align with the promotion of blockchain by equipping their platform with NFTs to make provision for more events and materials, contributing extra energy, effort and ideas to create a blockchain system that is solely responsible for hyper-growth.

$BIG is Big Eyes’ native cryptocurrency, and a large supply of 200,000,000,000 was made for its launch. Although 10% was taken for specific purposes, Big Eyes released the remaining 90% on the day of its launch to be purchased and held by users, an event that was certainly surprising and rare, and the token was sold fast at low prices during its presale. Big Eyes intends to be featured on Uniswap, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, boosting its reach further, and the token can be purchased and traded without any extra accompanying tax fees.

One of the Big Eyes’ objectives is to own an NFT collection within the top ten projects, and its users will also be allowed to own one of such NFTs. Holders of these NFTs will be granted access to special events such as the Big Eyes Sushi Crew, a club designed exclusively for NFT holders.


Memecoins are a great way to acquire wealth and engage in entertaining bouts of discussion, as its communities tend to have an easy-going vibe. And with life’s always consistent difficulties, everyone needs a reason to dwell on something more than their troubles. And with so many options out there, the right coin must be chosen; between a prime instance of old but gold like DOGE or a new, cute and heartwarming variant like BIG. Whatever choice is made, the importance of thorough research is still emphasized and encouraged. 




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