Evite And Ember Fund Partner To Offer Consumers First-Ever Cryptocurrency Gifting Service

“Since its inception, Evite has been the frontrunner in digital invitation innovation having enabled over three billion unique face-to-face connections and reaching more than 100 million users annually. Initially, Evite provided an easy way to send invitations to celebrate life’s most joyful moments, now we’re taking that a step further by curating a gifting suite that offers guests an opportunity to commemorate those gatherings in a unique way. With the integration of Ember and cryptocurrency we’re excited to introduce another innovative yet seamless offering for all consumers,” says Jason Woo, President of Evite.

Prior to the partnership with Ember Fund, Evite offered customers gifting opportunities via online retailers, such as Amazon, as well as an extensive market of virtual gift card options. With the integration of cryptocurrency gifting, Evite takes the next step in continuing to modernize the gifting experience by adding trend-forward, first-in-class offerings.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Evite to bring the exciting world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to new users. Since the establishment of Bitcoin, many consumers have been hesitant to invest, but we feel this partnership with Evite and the simplicity of our platform will create an approachable opportunity to bring new investors into the fold,” says Alex Wang Co-Founder & CEO of Ember Fund.

In recent months, Evite has seen a resurgence in event creations and record-high ‘yes’ RSVPs as people across the country return to in-person celebrations. Annually, more than three million customers leverage Evite’s gifting suite to commemorate celebrations through a variety of its functions including registries, gift lists or donations. As we head into a gifting and gathering-heavy holiday season, the partnership with Ember Fund comes at the perfect time for Evite users to leverage this capability to gift for friends, family and event hosts.

To learn more about this innovative partnership, please visit evite.com/crypto.

About Evite
Evite is the world’s leading digital invitation platform focused on bringing people together face-to-face. With thousands of free and premium customizable designs which can be sent by email or text message, Evite makes celebrating face-to-face easier and more memorable for its 100+ million annual users and their guests. Launched in 1998, the company has sent nearly three billion invitations over its history, sends over 200 million invitations each year, and touches billions of dollars in party-related purchases. Evite is headquartered in Los Angeles. Visit www.evite.com to start planning, get inspired or download the Evite app.

About Ember Fund
Ember is an investment management platform for cryptocurrency. Our mobile app allows anyone in the world to access portfolios constructed by the top minds in crypto in just a few taps. We’ve processed $500M+ through our platform, have 80,000 users and are venture backed by the top investors in the industry. (Richard Jun (BAM.VC), Brian Dilley (CTO TikTok/Blockfolio), Anthos Capital, Uncorrelated Ventures, Calm Ventures, and Ying Lee (ex-Kliner Perkins)


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