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This is an opinion editorial by Maxx Mannheimer, a former sales account manager with a background in training and industrial-organizational psychology.

The economy can be thought of as a complex orchestra. Industry sectors are represented by the choir, strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. These sectors are all working together as harmoniously as possible to create a seamless experience for the listeners and for themselves. Each individual utilizes the instruments available to them to add value to our collective experience.

In a classical orchestra we typically get to watch a conductor wave their arms about, which puts on quite a show for the audience, but also cues the individual players in the orchestra on when to play and how. Many orchestral musicians prefer the comfort of having a conductor’s cues. Others maintain that after enough practice they can play flawlessly without the vigorous hand waving. In Indonesian gamelan music there is no such conductor. All the participants play together.

The parallel I am drawing here is between a centrally-planned economy and a laissez-faire approach. Is it possible that the man in front of the audience isn’t as critical to the performance as his final bow may suggest? Egalitarians with a distaste for central planning might be inclined to say,“Yes.” I’m not here to insert my opinion into that argument, but rather to introduce the first metaphor as a supportive illustration for my second.

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