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Top Three Crypto Coins With a Great Potential: Hedera, Stellar and Chronoly.io

Investors looking for outsized gains in the cryptocurrency market could be looking to Hedera (HBAR), Stellar (XLM) or Chronoly (CRNO). Those three projects have the potential to move sharply higher in 2022 while other projects may still languish at their bear market lows. Hedera is engaging in partnerships with world-leading companies, Stellar has signed up to provide blockchain payments for MoneyGram, while Chronoly.io is providing asset-backed investment in the form of NFTs backed by real-world luxury watches.

Hedera (HBAR) Can Gain on Fees, Green Credentials

Hedera (HBAR) lost a large portion of its 2021 gains, with the coin seeing a collapse from $0.50 to around $0.06. Those highs in September coincided with a high in the general market and Hedera suffered in the downturn. In 2022 Hedera and its HBAR token can benefit from the coin’s credentials as a smart contract platform and for its green credentials. Hedera is a smart contract platform that claims to be 10x faster than rival projects. The project is also carbon negative and has predictable gas fees. That can position it to gain against other rivals.

Hedera (HBAR) also boasts some big-name corporations that have invested or provided guidance. Google (NASDAQ:), Boeing (NYSE:), and IBM (NYSE:) are among the firms to have collaborated on the project. The latest of these partnerships is with global video game publisher Ubisoft, which will provide support to advance Hedera’s moves into entertainment and gaming. That could see the project tapping into the play-to-earn model which was a winner in the cryptocurrency space last year.

Will Stellar lumens go up? XLM Price prediction

The (XLM) project is in a similar position to Hedera with the coin slipping from 2021 highs around $0.70 to its current value of $0.11. Stellar will also look to build on partnerships in its quest for recovery after a recent tie-up was announced with Moneygram. The international payments company will work with Stellar to provide money transfers on the blockchain through the USDC stablecoin. MoneyGram currently has around 150 million customers and the news will pivot Stellar’s XLM coin towards the long-expected model for XRP.

Chronoly (CRNO) Brings Diversification into the Digital Age

The Chronoly.io project is not creating value through partnerships but is leveraging NFT technology and the world’s top watch brands to create a decentralised marketplace. The Chronoly.io ecosystem is built around its multichain marketplace that will enable users to purchase a fractional share in a luxury timepiece, like a Rolex or authenticate pre-owned watches on a decentralised ledger. This will provide valuable liquidity to the luxury watch market and also removes other drawbacks in physical alternative assets, by removing the high barriers to entry through fractionalisation and the need for delivery, storage, and insurance.

Each watch held in the Chronoly vault has an NFT minted which is fractionalised and available to be traded on the Chronoly.io marketplace. The Chronoly native token (CRNO) can be staked by holders for an annual yield, and can be used to get discounts on trading fees and other exclusive benefits on the Chronoly marketplace. Early investors into the project have already been rewarded as the token has risen 400% from $0.01 to $0.05 in the presale. This project is still in its early stages and will likely gain as investors become more aware of the CRNO token.

Find out more about Chronoly.io by visiting the official website, Telegram or Twitter (NYSE:). Learn more about the presale by clicking here.

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