Here Are Dogecoin Co-founder And Elon Musk’s Halloween Plans

Dogecoin [DOGE], which was inspired by a meme, swept the cryptocurrency world. DOGE is an A-lister in the crypto-wood, generating interest among GenZ on TikTok and receiving celebrity endorsements. But the majority of these endorsements and shows of support appear at random and disappear too soon. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has emerged as the meme’s most ardent advocate despite the arrival and departure of these visitors.

Many tweets were posted in support of Dogecoin. Musk hasn’t missed a chance to support the dog-themed cryptocurrency. The explanation behind Musk’s predisposition toward the asset has time and again been questioned. Some claim he’s trying to artificially inflate the price of the coin, while others claim he was one of the founders. Elon Musk and the memecoin co-founder, however, once again create headlines together.

Billy Markus, the only dogecoin co-founder who is still friendly with Elon Musk, the greatest supporter of dogecoin, took to Twitter to slam YouTube cryptocurrency scammers who use the name of the Uniswap system to bilk unsuspecting small investors looking to make a quick buck on cryptocurrency.

Markus announced that he will dress up as billionaire Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance (commonly abbreviated as “CZ”).

Marcus made a subtle reference to the new technique con artists are using to entice unwary investors to a phoney website. Every tweet on cryptocurrency that they post includes a message from them asking why people aren’t talking about a video. They typically modify their Twitter display name to emulate Binance CZ. The goal is to encourage individuals to click on the video link in the hopes that they will be persuaded to invest in a scam or to give away their seed words.

Elon Musk encouraged the DOGE founder by making a Halloween joke about dressing up as a sink to let this sink in when Markus recommended dressing up as CZ for Halloween.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, and Markus occasionally complain about cryptocurrency scams on Twitter and YouTube. He recently complained about numerous bots pretending to be CZ. Recently, the CEO of Binance also said on Twitter that these bots are “simply everywhere” on the platform. The Twitter team was tasked with fixing this problem by Binance’s CEO.

Same Dogecoin, Different creator, Different opinion

While Musk shares a great rapport with Markus, there is a sea of people that feel otherwise bout the Tesla founder. Here’s another co-creator of the dog-themed-coin that joins the sea.

When Elon Musk and WallStreetBets’ ripoff Reddit group SatoshiBets sought to send the meme currency “to the moon” last year, Dogecoin co-creator Jackson Palmer said it disturbed him.

Palmer expressed his frustration at being “dragged” into discussions about the currency he helped establish more than eight years ago in an interview with local media. He used to consider Dogecoin to be a “hobby,” but now claims it has turned into a hassle.

With all seriousness aside, Can you truly imagine Billy Markus and Elon Musk in their potential Halloween costumes? That would truly be a sight to “sink in.”

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