How To Buy Oryen Network With Binance Coin On PancakeSwap

Sometimes new crypto projects hit the market that people rush to get hold of. One of these new projects is ORY, which has a ton of credentials that make it arguably the best new project in crypto for some time. It presents key passive income benefits over a range of other tokens and could be primed for launch into the stratosphere.

While ORY isn’t listed on mainstream exchanges like Binance yet, this offers you a key benefit. Some investors only buy tokens when they hit those mainstream exchanges, leading to further price gains. So if you bought it before, you could enjoy even more growth for your portfolio.

Oryen Network (ORY)

With the most straightforward staking system ever seen in crypto, ORY eradicates huge barriers to entry in the DeFi space by paying earnings directly into your wallet and removing the need for external staking. It also offers an unbeatable 90% APY, making it the strongest earner in the industry.

It’s easy to purchase the ORY presale directly on the Oryen Network website. The project accepts many different cryptos as a payment method, or investors can swap the token on Pancakeswap after launch.

Binance Coin (BNB)

You can use BNB on Pancakeswap to pick up ORY, but BNB is also a strong investment in its own right. It offers easy passive income gains at the touch of a button with the BNB Vault and is becoming one of the most-used cryptos in the space.

Pancakeswap (CAKE)

Pancakeswap has been growing in prominence recently, especially as it offers users the chance to swap tokens for up-and-coming new projects like ORY. CAKE also gives its holders a range of passive income options, making it one of the best cryptos in the space and a good choice for your portfolio.


It’s easy to swap for ORY on CAKE with BNB, but all of these are credible investments in their own right. Experts like the look of ORY the most with its innovative range of features and strong earning potential.

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