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Today, Mighty Llama NFT, a Web3 gaming and animation project based on NFT technology, has announced their integration of Chainlink VRF and Automation on Ethereum mainnet. These Chainlink services were integrated to help power lucky draw games that are meant to provide value to NFT holders.

Chainlink is the largest decentralized oracle network in the world, and major NFT projects have integrated VRF in the past for things like NFT minting. Chainlink Data Feeds have also been used to help create dynamic NFTs by notable figures like former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant for his company, Personal Corner.

Mighty Llama NFT is a 3D NFT gaming, animation, and metaverse brand that focuses on entertainment, art, and creative uses of blockchain technology. Mighty Llamas’ Genesis collection will be a complimentary NFT mint on Ethereum that will be released at the end of October 2022.

In the team’s blog post, Mighty Llama noted that their “primary focus is to create games and fun experiments for our users and community.” One of the ways that the team plans to do this is by allowing Mighty Llama NFT holders to earn native tokens and in-game digital items through lucky draw games.

“At Mighty Llama we focus on delivering secure, decentralized, entertaining experiences, and Chainlink oracle solutions were the last piece of the puzzle for our genesis smart contract,” said Bardia Suny, Founder and CTO of Mighty Llamas NFT. “Their services are well documented, developer friendly, and easy to implement.” .

In terms of automation, the team integrated Chainlink with the goal of having the lucky draw game run on autopilot, and needed an external entity to trigger automatic execution, as that can’t be coded into the smart contract itself. The team either had to create the centralized infrastructure to trigger lucky draw game rounds to start and stop, or find a decentralized automation service. In the end they decided to integrate Chainlink’s services.

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