ModiCoin Is Set To Be The Next Big thing In The DeFi Space

ModiCoin is set to usher the crypto industry into the new era by bringing evolution to banking systems

ModiCoin will start a New ERA of Crypto industry which will bring evolution to banking systems”

— Amit Singla ( Founder ModiCoin )

AUSTRALIA, January 10, 2022 / — DeFi or Decentralized Finance has taken the world of crypto by storm, simply due to its ability to empower people with financial freedom without the need for them to rely on centralized authorities. It has opened up new avenues for peer-to-peer transactions in a highly trusted and secure manner. In other words, technology, particularly blockchain has been a huge enabler to empower people and help them take control over their own finances. ModiCoin, an advanced DeFi ecosystem is further revolutionizing this space with a wide range of offerings.

What is ModiCoin?

Modi – “Medium of Defi in Centre of Incorruptible Network” is a community-driven technology ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the way people adapt, trade, and invest digital assets. It is also a Defi initiative that promises to provide a secure environment for token enthusiasts. Here, the key differentiator is the high scalability power enabled by lightning-quick cross-border transactions for a wide array of use cases while maintaining top-notch security standards.

The platform is powered by its native token named ModiCoin which is based on the Binance Smart Chain and adheres to the BEP20 standard. This token fuels our entire ecosystem and users can utilize this to access various products and services within and beyond our platform. ModiCoin is a highly differentiated digital asset developed around a robust economic model.

It is important to note that the ModiCoin ecosystem has several applications where it can be implemented, but there are a few common features that define why one should choose our platform to manage and invest their digital assets. These include – Highly decentralized model, a Deflationary token mechanism, an Anti-whale system, an Anti-dumping system, Auditability, and Scalability.

All in all, ModiCoin is an end to end crypto-based financial solution that has harnessed the power of blockchain and is ready to optimize the way people and institutions deal with digital assets.

ModiCoin – Key Highlights :

ModiCoin operates on a deflationary mechanism, which essentially means that its value is designed to grow over time. While this is a simple concept of supply and demand, it is important to note that the ecosystem has developed a robust mechanism to ensure systematic reduction in the number of ModiCoins, thus leading to an increased value over time.

One of the primary reasons why the market prices of several cryptocurrencies drastically get affected is the fact that a handful of people or entities, otherwise known as whales hold an enormous number of tokens that they purchase at lower prices as compared to the standard market prices. This leads to a situation where the overall market becomes sub-standard in terms of prices. ModiCoin claims to have developed an anti-whale system wherein tokens are equally distributed at the market and prices are set according to market standards as opposed to the purchasing power of certain entities or individuals.

On the other hand, ModiCoin is also equipped with an anti-dumping system that reduces the risk of volatility and dumps, as it prevents users from aggregating purchases of digital assets and artificially increasing their prices.

How does the ModiCoin Ecosystem Work?

The ModiCoin ecosystem works on three main pillars – Automatic Burn, Liquidity Pool, and Redistribution.

According to ModiCoin, a specific percentage of tokens in circulation will be periodically burnt to uphold its value and offer continued returns to all the investors and token holders.

The ModiCoin ecosystem is also equipped with an automated liquidity pool which ensures enough liquidity while also establishing a price floor. Hence, it is fair to say that ModiCoin’s value is protected during sell-offs.

Finally, ModiCoin reallocates 2% of each transaction to the existing holders, thus ensuring healthy circulation of assets within the internal ecosystem.

Ending Note:

All in all, ModiCoin seems to be a promising platform that is harnessing the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to help individuals optimize the way they interact with digital assets in a sustainable manner. The platform is in its final stages of development and private sale will be launched this month. We shall look forward to how it pans out.




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