Noku: news on the Nokuverse metaverse

The Swiss project Noku today launched its metaverse called Nokuverse. Specifically, it is a metaverse with a play-to-earn game open to everyone, with VIP areas and events.

Today, a big Opening Party is being held on Nokuverse to inaugurate its metaverse and the games contained in it. 

The collaboration between Cryppo and Noku 

The collaboration between the team that created Cryppo and the Swiss project Noku, founded in 2017, is quite recent. 

Noku created the Nokuchain, an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain with extremely low fees and great scalability, perfect for blockchain gaming. 

Cryppo, on the other hand, is an NFT collection launched at the end of 2021 by The Cryptonomist in collaboration with ArtRights, thanks in part to the crucial help of The Nemesis team.

It consists of 2375 NFTs sold on OpenSea, running on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection has mostly a gaming and DeFi focus. 

Cryppo is used, among other things, to play in The Nemesis metaverse and on Crypto Heroes, the play-to-earn game developed by Noku.

Farming with Cryppo on Noku

For the past few days, it has also been possible for users to start farming their NFTs on to get Cryppo’s entire family, starting with the wife NFT, Cryppa.

To do so, it is first necessary to receive the NFT of a small house, which is called Small Cryppo House.  

Note then that the small house is mentioned because this is only needed to farm Cryppa. To farm Cryppo’s children, called Cryppies, on the other hand, a larger house will be needed. Cryppa, however, is a prerequisite for gaining access to Cryppies.

Timelines for getting your own little house

Below is a small outline showing the timelines needed to be able to obtain one’s own small house in relation to the number of Cryppo NFTs the user has:

  • 1 Cryppo – 1 small house – 3 months
  • 3 Cryppo – 1 small house – 2 months
  • 5 Cryppo – 1 small house – 1 month 

In addition, users who decide to farm their Cryppo NFTs receive a pack of Crypto Heroes cards (50 NFTs) to play the Noku video game, including the special Cryppo card created for owners of this NFT collection.

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