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In the past 2 years, DeFi yields have been one of the best ways of utilizing your savings to create an additional income stream. Oryen Network looks set to take the lead in sustainable APY, with a few well-established platforms also providing a ‘better-than-bank’ rate.

Oryen Network (ORY)

Oryen Network looks like the most likely token to generate positive, sustainable yield over the next few years.

This project has a fixed APY designed to generate yield for those holding the token. A guaranteed rate of 90% is supremely attractive but some may worry that this percentage would not be maintainable. To put paid to potential buyers’ fears, the team has an allocated RFV (Risk-Free Value) wallet that is designed to accumulate assets for the backing of the ORY token price. A small portion of every trade will go to this wallet to be stored, ready for deployment if volatility hits the market and ORY requires assistance to maintain stability. One of the important aspects of the Oryen Network system is that you do not need to put your tokens into a staking contract or exchange to receive these rewards. This means you maintain full control of your wealth at all times.

This foresight from the team will likely mean that the Oryen Network will gain significant exposure in the near future.

SushiSwap (SUSHI)

SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange that was originally launched on Ethereum but now sits cross-chain on as many as 16 different networks.

The SUSHI token can be staked into the platform to gain a share of the revenue generated from trading in the pools. With over $1 Billion in TVL, the potential is high for significant trading fees to be generated. At the time of writing, the APR sat at 13% which is a much better return than any savings account with traditional banks.

Aave (AAVE)

Aave is a top lending network, that even in the lows of the bear market sustains over $5 Billion in TVL. Their native staking brings around 7% APR for the AAVE token. However, there are inherent risks to this staking as the platform openly states they may use up to 30% of your capital to rescue any deficits that may appear. We can’t foresee this happening at any time soon, but it is something to be aware of.


With the sheer quantity of staking options, it can be hard to pick out the best. Oryen Network shines bright through a cloud of mediocrity with high-interest rates and a well-formed plan.

Find Out More Here:

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/OryenNetwork

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/jSvaXmb2cB

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oryennetwork

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