Pallacanestro Cardano, Cristallo: “Let’s rekindle the passion of the kids, a winning promotion project”

The growth of young people first of all, especially at a time like this, where being able to keep them in the gym becomes essential in order not to lose them in this pandemic that seems to never end. This is the task, or rather the mission, of the Cardano little heart basketball and above all the Head of the Gialloblu Youth Sector Davide Cristallo who, after the first months of the basketball year, tells us about the development, progress and difficulties faced by his boys.

Let’s start in a general way, how was the business going before everything stopped?
“Quite well, especially in the under 13, 17 and 18 bands, while as regards the under 15 and 16 we have been a bit few in the last period, struggling to train but with the help of 2005 from Cavaria we managed to do some more competitive training. The under 17s are having some difficulties because it is not easy to completely change the way they train and do, even if they are applying themselves well. The under 18, on the other hand, is giving the answers we expected after the excellent work started last year “.

From the point of view of the growth of the boys, what have you worked on most in recent months in such an uncertain sporting reality?
“Given the multiple uncertainties, the work done in the gym has been, is and will be, from a basketball point of view, geared towards improving one-on-one. After a year and a half inactive, the boys have lost control and confidence of their means. This is the thing that most catches the eye. We therefore decided, with the staff, to take a step back and meet the new needs of the young people. In leagues where it is more normal to find the boy addicted to fun than the prospect of becoming a player like the ones we face, the fact that the players had lost enthusiasm and confidence was obvious. Our mission in recent months has been to try to bring back that desire to play basketball and to do it with great dedication and passion. It was a job devoted to bringing the boys back to the normalcy of being together. When I see that today they still struggle to shower together, I understand that there is still a lot to do “.

What was it like and how is the relationship with families developing?
“Fortunately, with the fact that we pay a lot of attention and scrupulousness to all safety regulations, so swabs, checks, sanitation, etc., families are very happy to be able to take their children to play. Today the numbers are still reduced due to the many cases of positivity that come out in schools and the whole process proposed by the return to play, which in any case has already reduced the timing. The response from the parents was excellent, even if the relationship with them has changed: before there was a moment of confrontation and meeting at the end of training, now instead they stay in the car for example, there is a more level connection telephone than human “.

How much can vintages like these affect the growth of children?
“It all depends on how you decide to work and face the moment. You can’t want everything at once, otherwise you end up losing the boys instead of getting them back. The years lost now of the game, if interpreted in the right way perhaps by working on fundamentals or on one-on-one, can become a resource for the future when it returns to normal. This is all about our reality. If instead we go to see teams that work for higher levels, this time is certainly lost in part, because you lose that direct confrontation that is essential to grow and understand where you are going with the work in training “.

Finally, what responses is the Promotion project giving?
“Definitely positive. I am very happy with the work the guys are doing. What was the project to let 19-20 year olds play at a Senior level to make them gain experience and let them be able to make mistakes without too much weight is proving to be a winner. I must say that in this the work of the three senior players present in the team, who in addition to playing do a great job as a hen, let’s say to the youngest players, is crucial “.

Alessandro Burin

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