PIP Button Introduces No-Code Gateway for Solana-Based Instruments

Vladislav Sopov

PIP button instrument makes integration of Solana-based payments instruments into merchants’ websites straightforward


Backed by Alameda Research and Coinbase Ventures, PIP is an ecosystem designed to accelerate the global adoption of Web3 payments. In June 2022, one more intuitive instrument was added to its one-for-all stack of solutions.

PIP button streamlines Solana integration for businesses

According to the official statement shared by the PIP team, a novel solution, PIP button, goes live to allow businesses to integrate crypto payments gateways into their websites.

With the new instrument, crypto-friendly merchants can easily start accepting cryptocurrencies for their goods and services or leverage this tool for content monetization.

The PIP team promotes the button as a no-code low-invasive solution for various content systems and protocols. It can be installed and integrated without a single line of code.


Once integrated, it removes the need for sign-ups and accounts; crypto holders are able to pay with their wallets only, without additional registrations and installations.

One button for multiple Solana-based tokens

The solution works on various technical platforms including  HTML, React and Javascript, and it supports third-party content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and so on.

To start using the system, a merchant needs to just integrate Phantom Wallet or Slope Wallet for Solana-based tokens. PIP button works with SOL as well as all mainstream tokens of the Solana ecosystem, including the likes of PIP, SERUM, RAY, KIN, ORCA and so on.

Also, the platform supports the Solana-based version of USD Coin (USDC), the fastest-growing stablecoin and the most capitalized asset in this segment after Tether (USDT).

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