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Polygon Co-Founder Tweeted Blockchains Don’t Solve New Problems
  • Polygon co-founder tweeted blockchains solve existing problems better.
  • They improve old issues in finance, money, assets, etc.
  • He said Web3.0 shouldn’t be criticized for imaginary use cases.

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal tweeted on October 15 that blockchains can’t be held accountable for “imaginary use cases”. According to him, blockchains don’t solve new problems, instead, they improve the existing hurdles in finance, money, assets, and more.

Enhancing the technical mechanisms to battle the already present challenges in fintech, blockchains don’t “invent” new problems. Hence, it is unacceptable to anticipate criticizing blockchains because of “imaginary use cases” in regard to global adoption and solving significant world crises.

In other news, on October 14, Polygon (MATIC) shared celebratory news announcing Uttar Pradhesh Police has launched India’s first police complaint portal on the Polygon blockchain.

They further added, Airchains.io, a middleware SaaS enabling users to run their own blockchain networks with customizable features, is managing the Polygon Supernet for UP Police.

The aim is to make law enforcement mechanisms transparent, prevent manipulation and eliminate corruption by using Polygon (MATIC) process complaints. FIRs reported on the blockchain will be easy-to-raise, verifiable, and immutable.

Moreover, Polygon (MATIC) became the talk of the town in August 2022 due to its latest development, zkEVM. zkEVM is the first open-source zk-Rollup to provide full EVM opcode equivalence for a smooth user experience alongside the security of .

In addition, QuickSwap, the big-time Polygon-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) has begun stress testing the blockchain’s zkEVM on the public testnet, since October 14. Currently, QuickSwap and Algebra’s V3 is live on Polygon and Shopping.io’s integration with Polygon has now enabled MATIC holders to shop using cryptocurrency.

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