PUBLISH, Lamda256 join forces to build out consortium blockchain network for news media

PUBLISH, Lamda256 join forces to build out consortium blockchain network for news media

PUBLISH is partnering with Lamda256. Lamda256 is a subsidiary of Dunamu, which also operates Upbit, Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Lambda256’s flagship service is Luniverse, an eco-friendly blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform. Luniverse is used by over 2,000 blockchain-based projects, including Aha (a question-and-answer platform), Cherry (a donations platform), Gluwa (a borderless financial platform), Milk (a mileage points service), IDRT (a stablecoin project), and Ziktalk (a social networking service for learning foreign languages).

Commenting on the partnership with PUBLISH, Lamda256 CEO Jay Park said, “Luniverse consortium chain currently provides a platform with guidelines for companies planning to launch its Web 3.0 services, and we are very excited to work with PUBLISH to create its first successful use case.”

(Left) Jay JH Park CEO of Lambda256 (Right) Sonny Kwon CEO of PUBLISH Inc

As per the agreement, the two companies will work together to improve and build upon PUBLISH’s existing blockchain-based news ecosystem and token economy.

PUBLISH will leverage Luniverse to improve PUBLISH’s read-and-earn solution, as well as to strengthen the reliability, scalability, and security of PUBLISH technology and services more generally.

The companies further agreed to build and operate a blockchain validator network for the PUBLISH blockchain. Once in operation, PUBLISH expects eligible PUBLISHalliance members to participate as validators.

In addition, the companies intend to build a marketplace for PUBLISH NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and promote ESG and donation projects based on the PUBLISH blockchain.

“Web3 opens the door to exciting new business opportunities in the media industry, and we look forward to working with Lamda256 as we strive to build a fair and transparent news ecosystem based on blockchain technology,” said PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon.

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