Ripple and Shiba Inu might be recharging, while big eyes coin is on a great presale run

Despite the reds in the past few months, altcoins still show some potential in the cryptocurrency market. One of these coins is Ripple (XRP) which has gained double figures in its recent rally. Of course, the coin has had its fair share of the bearish market, but crypto analysts predict a bright future for XRP investors.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) also seems to be having a great time as it reveals an important update. The team has recently developed a new digital location for its metaverse users. These new features will allow users to experience the thrills of the countryside or campsites with various sceneries. Although the art concept is only available in black and white, SHIB is expected to get a booster in price soon.

On the other hand, Big Eyes (BIG), a presale coin, is on track to become a widely accepted meme coin. The new crypto asset themed after a cute little cat gives dog-themed coins a run for their money with its unique concept. Unlike the media excites that meme coins thrive on, Big Eyes (BIG) seeks to create a sustainable community where members contribute to its noble cause of saving the ocean while creating multiple streams of income.

The $BIG token has achieved a feat in its presale run, which boosts its chances of breaking records when launched. The coin raised over a million dollars in its first week of the presale. It has more than $4 million in presale funds and will launch its NFT projects for members soon.

Presale meme coin, big eyes promises great rewards for investors compared to Shiba Inu and ripple currently battling the bear market

Investors seek reliable crypto assets as the crypto market heads for uncertain futures. While coins like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Ripple (XRP) do have great potential, can they compare to a presale coin like Big Eyes (BIG)?

Big Eyes (BIG) is probably a better alternative for investors, considering it’s a meme coin like Shiba Inu (SHIB) but with unique concepts. Like all meme coins, the token would leverage its jokey nature and internet hype to attract investors. However, unlike Shiba Inu (SHIB) it will be introducing its NFT projects earlier.

The coin is also quite cheap in its presale stage. So investors stand a chance of getting huge returns if they buy early and the coin records a successful launch in the crypto space. Big Eyes (BIG) is also big on community inclusion, so early investors can benefit from the ongoing $250K giveaways on its website and social media pages.

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