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Memecoins like Shiba Inu (SHIB) have always struggled to assert themselves as serious investments with strong use cases, and the long crypto winter may be taking its toll on SHIB. After a surprisingly strong run, Shiba Inu continues to languish and lose market cap while newer coins make the news. It may be no coincidence that just as a particularly large whale withdrew 1.7 trillion SHIB from the Huobi exchange, BudBlockz (BLUNT) has seen its presale valuation soar.

BudBlockz may not officially launch until its December debut on Uniswap, but early investors are already seeing the benefits of its careful market placement and strategically prudent roadmap. Those who bought in during BLUNT’s private sale (which in a gesture of openness was available to anyone with an ERC20-compatible wallet) have already seen the value of their holdings leap by more than 66%. The private sale concluded when all available shares were sold, and the first phase of BudBlockz’s formal presale has seen BLUNT gain nearly 20% more on strong volume. 

Some of that volume may be coming from former owners of Shiba Inu. The token has thrived on the strength of an active and vocal community, but analysts have tended to puzzle over its slowness to capitalize more fully on its popularity. This week saw the launch of Shiba Inu’s first collectible card game, Shiba Eternity, which the more bullish of SHIB’s followers expected to drive its price upward. Just the opposite happened: after a minor run-up preceding Shiba Eternity’s release, the price of SHIB slid to an October low. 

The disappointing news just happened to coincide with one of the most significant withdrawals in the token’s history, a 1.7-trillion transfer worth more than $19 million at the time. Under normal circumstances, such a move would signal trust in the coin’s future valuation and would support a higher price. That has not come to pass, and SHIB’s failure to respond positively to two potential sources of good news has analysts reconsidering its future as a viable investment.

Almost as if to show Shiba Inu how it’s done, BudBlockz recently announced its own collection of P2E games. The BudBlockz arcade will issue rewards in BLUNT, adding a bit of pure fun to a token whose roadmap has until now focused on supporting the building blocks of the retail cannabis supply chain.

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