The Graph Foundation completes Wave 6 of Grants, allocating nearly $1m

The Graph Foundation, an organization running the project called The Graph, recently published a blog post in which it disclosed that another $1 million has been allocated to various projects in the 6th wave of grants. The project also looked back at the last 7 months, highlighting some of the major milestones of 2022 so far.

The conclusion of Wave 6

The project started by noting that The Graph ecosystem has seen excellent growth, despite the drop in crypto prices that marked this year. The Foundation stated that over $9 million has been paid in grants already, with nearly $12 million allocated to date since the grants program launched back in 2021.

Over this period, the project also welcomed five new core developers, including its first subgraph developer, Messari, and GraphOps. The project noted that it is now maintaining and nurturing this momentum by onboarding the next cohort of grantees.

The so-called Wave 6 has seen the allocation of more than $800,000 toward various protocol improvements, providing support to multiple dApps, growing the community, creating new tools, and alike.

The announcement noted that this wave is important as it marks an end of an era for the project and a beginning of an entirely new chapter in decentralization. Anyone can apply for a grant from the AdvocatesDAO as long as their plans fulfill 2 requirements — they must be aligned with the DAO’s Charter, and they must follow the DAO’s goals of community growth.

Once the applications for the Wave 6 grant were ongoing, submissions came from all over the world, including the US, UK, Mexico, Poland, France, Japan, Portugal, Korea, Canada, and many other nations. They were reviewed by Graph Domain Experts, who are all community members, as well as by The Graph Council, core developer teams, and even by other builders.

After that, the winners were selected, and they were paid in GRT. The detailed descriptions for Wave 6 grants can be seen here. The short version is that $400,000 went to Protocol R&D, $52,000 was granted for the purpose of Tooling, $77,000 went for the projects creating dApps and Subgraphs, and lastly, $320,000 went to projects focused on Community Building.

Wave 7 is on its way

While this does mark an end of an era, as mentioned, a new chapter is starting, and the grants are not going to stop. In fact, Wave 7 is already ramping up, this time with a focus on subgraph and Indexer tooling, education, helping subgraphs migrate to a decentralized network, supporting community grants via the Graph AdvocatesDAO, and alike.

Applicants are encouraged to think about how their ideas can be used by the community or how they can improve the protocol in general. The project also noted that those who did not receive grants in the past should not be discouraged and that they should reapply. However, applicants should include as much detail as possible in order to make their ideas clear and transparent.

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