This Cryptocurrency Valued At Around Rs. 5 Can Be A Good Buy: Know All About It


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Yes while the largest and most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is priced in lakhs (presently at over Rs. 29 lakhs), you can start your crypto investment journey by buying a lesser priced digital currency. Here we are talking about TRON (Symbol: TRX) which at 2:55 pm BST on May 27 is priced at Rs. 5.94.

This Cryptocurrency Valued At Around Rs. 5 Can Be A Good Buy: Know All About It

This Cryptocurrency Valued At Around Rs. 5 Can Be A Good Buy: Know All About It

How the TRON cryptocurrency came into existence?

The TRON digital token came into existence on implementation of Justin Sun ideas. With the ability of its developers to code in any of the high level language,TRON is gaining an edge over its competitors including Ethereum. Also, via the improved TPS, it is able to offer a higher throughput that even surpasses the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What is TRON cryptocurrency?

This is a decenralised blockchain ecosystem aiming to overhaul the entertainment and digital content sharing ecosystem. The native token of the system is TRX or Tronix.

Use cases of TRON

You are allowed to share content with others using the TRON ecosystem.

Also, you are offered compensation for the content and data that you create.

The functionality or the way in which TRON cryptocurrency monetizes user data is different from the method adopted by other social media sites including Facebook for that matter. In the case of TRON, you as a creator of content have full ownership of it and shall be compensated.

Now this TRON will lead what is precisely being referred to as Web 3.0 that will help people use internet- as a decentralized open network.

Price prediction TRON in INR

As per the platform, year by year price prediction of TRON in INR is as follows:

Year Tron price (INR)
2021 9.38
2022 10.5
2023 12.3
2024 14.5
2025 17.09
2026 21.75
2027 23.94
2028 26.44

So, given the current price of TRON of around Rs. 16, the prices are seen to double by 2022 i.e. in a 1-year time frame.

Another view is that as the chart suggest formation of a double-bottom, the TRON prices are to break out of its downward trend and can rally up to 40 percent if such a situation occurs. In the international markets, the sell-off in crypto which got triggered on May 19 sent the currency TRON to a low of $0.05.

Where and How to Buy TRON cryptocurrency in India?

Several of the renowned and safe cryptocurrency exchanges including the likes of Zebpay, WazirX and buyucoin among others allow you to buy TRON from their platform.

Supposing you have narrowed down on Zebpay to make your TRON purchase. Here are the steps:

1. Register for an account with Zebpay

2. You need to complete the KYC or Know your customer requirement with the exchange.

3. Link you bank account for making crypto purchase for the first time over the platform.

4. Cryptocurrency like bitcoin can also be purchased in fractions.

What makes TRON cryptocurrency a good buy?

Backed by the blockchain technology, the TRON cryptocurrency has the functionality which enables it to host multiple decentralised applications. Also, its future potential of leading the Web 3.0 referred above as well as its affordable pricing makes it a good buy.

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