To “Account for Changes in Global Trading Volumes,” Coinbase changes its fees

In response to “changes in global crypto trading volumes and asset prices,” the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is altering its fee structure. For medium and upper ties, the platform is lowering the minimum monthly trading volume restrictions. The cost of trading will go up, but for users with high trading volumes, it will go down.

According to the publicly available data, the exchange will not increase its taker and maker fees for traders with volume between $0 and $15 million.

In response to the current market downturn, Coinbase has announced that its Exchange, Pro, and Advanced Trade services would be subject to a new charge schedule. Statement. By providing preferred trading terms for major dealers, the exchange may attract institutional investors with huge wallets.

There will be a maker cost of 6 bps and a taker fee of 16 bps for the platform’s mid-tier customers, which are traders with volumes between $15 million and $75 million. This will result in an increase of +1 bps for both fees.

According to the exchange, “the computation for volume tiers will continue to be based on trailing 30 day volume.”

Top volume customers of the exchange who report trading volumes of more than $400m will also be subject to changes in the pricing structure. This price schedule will fluctuate between 0 bps and -3 bps. There will be no maker cost. For these customers, Coinbase will continue to charge a maker fee of 0.

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  • To “Account for Changes in Global Trading Volumes,” Coinbase changes its fees
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