TradersClub is delighted to present The Bullet An innovation within the DeFI for traders

A first of its kind project that assists traders into purchasing tokens, at launch or after, providing the tools to keep them same from scams, rug pulls or other harmful methods.

TradersClub is delighted to announce that it has launched the easiest alternative to the traditional DEXes. Stop losing gas money by trading on DEXes like UniSwap, Pancake etc. Never miss a token launch and be the first to buy!With this current crypto markets struggling, The Bullet App will keep all your assets safe. More and more scams are present in this current industry. It is time for you to protect your assets and stop losing profits and money! More information is available on their website.

Last few years cryptocurrencies have become more and more popular due to their financial opportunities. In a decentralized financial system, it was only about time that amazing opportunities of the decentralized exchanges to appear on the market. This lead to numerous projects to be launched daily. So how could you choose which one is safe and legit?

What if, there is a solution that will keep your investment safe, despite the scams and rug pulls? What if this application will server as a wallet guardian but also allow you to trade safe?

With its new revolutionary app, driven by it’s utility token $BLT(#Bullet), TradersClub is truly changing the narrative, by offering everybody a leveled field for playing.

Holders of $BLT will be able to use the app to buy other tokens right at listing, or purchase any other token that has already been listed, in a safe and secure environment, without having failed transactions, loosing a great entry point or falling into scams, such as the honeypots.

The basics

If you’ve ever participated in a DeFi token launch, you’re probably aware that early buyers can make a lot of money. Because of the buy pressure that a well-publicized launch produces, prices can jump to tens or hundreds of percent above launch price in minutes. Obviously, the earlier you arrive, the better your chances of receiving a good deal. However, sitting by your computer, ready to place an order as soon as trading begins, will only get you so far. Your reaction time, internet speeds, and mis-clicks ultimately hold you back. 

They automate the entire process of getting a buy in as early as possible, while keeping you assets safe!

Creating the project

The team has developed a multi-chain trading platform with unrivaled features that will level the playing field for common investors in the DeFi market. 

In the frequently cutthroat economy of Decentralized Finance, the ordinary investor faces various difficulties. These include a lack of early information about new projects, insufficient data on the safety of investing in tokens at an early stage, the inability to monitor investments 24 hours a day, seven days a week to protect against rug pulls, and a lack of investment tools that successfully compete with professional snipers and crypto whales. They aim to break down these obstacles by providing a suite of integrated trading services to our users, allowing them to make faster, safer, and smarter trades, increasing their chances of profit.

They are an experienced team of professionals dedicated to changing the way DeFi is done, undoing the damage brought across diverse blockchain ecosystems by dishonest developers, and restoring investor confidence in decentralized finance. 

The trading platform is being built to provide cross-chain services, with the goal of leveling the playing field for all decentralized finance players. It has features that protect investors and equip them to trade more intelligently, with greater market awareness.

Because of the fast loss of trust in the DeFi space, we decided to create a platform that would allow all investors to use the same investment tools. 

TradersClub.App will provide access to the following tools:

1. The BULLET SNIPER – for a fast and safe entry or exit

2. The Wallet Guardian – keep your assets safe from rug pulls of any kind

3. Trading Platform – trade with lowest fees and have access to buy/sell orders(just like trading on a CEX)

4. Telegram bot for scraping launches

5. Copy trades – similar to CEXes or other trading platforms

6. Untraceable trades – for those that want to make sure bots can’t copy

7. Alerts

8. AnonFinance – loose trace of a wallet’s funds

9. Launchpad – fair or stealth

If you feel interested, you can visit the project’s website to find more information about the tools, roadmap, you may contact them using their socials or read the whitepaper.

Media Contact
Company Name: TradersClub
Contact Person: Ciprian COZOPLEAN
Email: Send Email
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania

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