Uber, Coinbase Vets Building Next Gen Social Tokens For Creators

Matt Alston and Melissa Zhang have been best friends since college, but now they’re hoping their disparate business backgrounds are the puzzle pieces needed to ride the next crypto boom. 

Alston, former product manager at Uber, and Zhang, a former full-stack engineer at Coinbase are building Bonfire — a social token service that will allow creators to manage their coin.

Bonfire already has investments from Atelier Ventures, Pear and Kleiner Perkins, but Alston said they hope to raise a round of seed funding by the fall.

Alston sees the market as primed — he told Crypto Investor he believes social tokens could follow the NFT boom.

“I think in social tokens … it’s been more measured, like the growth has been pretty steady, but it hasn’t really had an event where it goes parabolic, and everyone’s missing a token,” he said. “That hasn’t happened yet. We sort of assume that it will happen later this year.” 

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