VeChain ToolChain Tapped by Top U.S. Seafood Import Firm, KnowSeafood 

VeChain (VET) has attracted another partner in KnowSeafood. The firm hopes to boost the traceability of its seafood supply chain with VeChain”s distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions, according to a blog post on December 1, 2020.

KnowSeafood Adopts VeChain (VET)

As the world keeps looking for a permanent solution to the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, with consumers now turning to online marketplaces for the purchase of food items and other essentials, KnowSeafood is integrating blockchain technology into its processes to improve transparency of its supply chain.

According to a VeChain (VET) blog post, Americans spend $102 billion on seafoods annually, yet about 80 to 90 percent of them do not meet their daily seafood consumption recommendation due to mislabelling of seafoods and lack of transparency in the supply chain of these products.

Against that backdrop, KnowSeafood, a United States-based firm that makes it possible for customers to order for their seafoods online, has integrated VeChain ToolChain into its operations to foster transparency in its seafood supply chain and boost consumer confidence.

StoryBird Powered by VeChain ToolChain 

Specifically, the firm has implemented a supply chain transparency solution dubbed StoryBird. Powered by VeChain ToolChain, the team claims the StoryBird application will make it possible for consumers to easily track the entire supply chain cycle of their seafoods.

Also, with the power of VeChain ToolChain, StoryBird will directly connect consumers to seafood farmers, thereby boosting transparency as well as the confidence of buyers in the purchased food products.

Starting from Q4 2020, the firm says the traceability of various seafood categories will be possible on the platform, including North Atlantic Haddock, Peruvian Mahi-Mahi, New England Sea Scallops, Maine Lobster, and a host of others.

Commenting on the project, Daniel McQuade, Co-Founder, and CEO of KnowSeafood said:

“Our roundbreaking experience working with blockchain has proven to us how powerful a solution it is to traceability and sustainability. The American consumer is demanding the kind of transparency and provenance that DLT offers. In working with VeChain and the Storybird application, we are bringing our customers the best technology in the market to have immutable trust in seafood from our KnowSeafood online marketplace.”

In related news, VeChain’s blockchain solution is increasingly gaining traction in various sectors of the global economy. 

As reported by BTCManager last October, Estee Lauder, a top New York beauty brand tapped VeChain for the tracking of Vanilla from Madagascar. And in November 2020, BTCMVNT and Team Zuby adopted VeChain for the tracing of their limited edition merchandise collection.

At press time, VeChain’s native crypto, VET is trading at $0.015139, with a market cap of $972.54 million, as seen on CoinmarketCap.

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