What is the ‘Muun Wallet’ and Why is Former CEO Jack Dorsey Tweeting About It? Bitcoin Transactions?

The Muun Wallet is one of the hottest things now, and it is because former Twitter CEO and founder, Jack Dorsey, tweeted a photo about the said crypto wallet. The app remains unknown to many despite being popular in the cryptocurrency world for being highly related to Bitcoin, one of the most popular decentralized digital coins.

What is Muun Wallet and Why is Jack Dorsey Tweeting About It?

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Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and co-founder & CEO of Square, speaks during the crypto-currency conference Bitcoin 2021 Convention at the Mana Convention Center in Miami, Florida, on June 4, 2021.

The head of “Block” (formerly Square) and tech mogul, Jack Dorsey, expressed his support for a fairly known app called “Muun Wallet” in a screenshot via Twitter. Here, the CEO showed several details regarding the wallet, particularly its latest update that extends the “Lightning” invoices that from one-hour validity to 24 hours.

The Muun Wallet is not necessarily a Bitcoin hardware wallet or an app that only keeps the records of the coin. It is a wallet first and foremost, and it helps in storing one’s owned cryptocurrency from the different marketplaces and apps where users buy crypto from. The exchange made in this app sees high regard from users for its safety and reliability.

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Muun Wallet and its Bitcoin Relationship

Muun calls itself “simple and powerful,” and this is the wallet that can safely secure the top cryptocurrency in the world. Muun Wallet is made for Bitcoin, and both elements of a decentralized transaction can help in protecting and accessing one’s assets through one easily-usable application that focuses on the most popular crypto in the world.

Jack Dorsey and Everything Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey is one of the most popular supporters of Bitcoin in the entire technology landscape, and despite the many issues of the decentralized coin before, he never stopped his regard for it. One example here would be his Bitcoin hardware wallet that would help in letting a person have a physical manifestation of the coin which they can touch.

However, this is not the only venture that Dorsey has in mind.

The company is formerly known as “Square,” and now “Block,” is also on the verge of creating a Bitcoin mining system that bases itself off the hardware wallet. Dorsey’s many ventures involve that of the cryptocurrency and it can only show the amount of fondness and support that he gives to the said coin.

Dorsey and Block both launch a campaign to support cryptocurrency, but it is not entirely pushing a cryptocurrency of its own to people and having stakes in society. The former CEO and digital currency company aim to bring awareness and knowledge over Bitcoin, as well as supporting apps for this, including that of the Muun Wallet.

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