A Guide to Investing in the Cryptocurrency with GreenHashes

Next, you need to take into account many aspects – an increased exchange commission, or technical arrangement of equipment for mining. However, even one mistake can lead to a loss of money. This can be avoided by following simple rules.

The most common way to buy BTC is to do it directly on the exchange. Today, many trading platforms allow you to deposit funds through electronic payment systems or directly from bank cards. Thus, the user can replenish the balance on his exchange wallet, and then buy digital assets with these funds.

Exchanges charge fees for their services. It differs on each site, but, as a rule, it is 2-5%. It depends on the method of replenishment and on the platform itself. Therefore, before replenishing an exchange wallet, you can check the size of commissions on several exchanges and choose the most profitable option. This will save 1-2% of the amount that will later be invested in Bitcoin or other coins.

Another way to acquire cryptocurrency is through special exchange services. Exchangers allow you to buy and sell many popular cryptocurrencies for various currencies. You can pay for the operation in various ways, for example, through electronic payment systems, bank cards, in cash through ATMs. Before using the exchanger, you should decide where you will transfer the purchased cryptocurrency. It can be an exchange account or a cryptocurrency wallet. Accordingly, they need to be created before proceeding with the purchase of digital coins.

Exchangers are a less convenient and more risky way to buy cryptocurrencies. There is a risk of using the services of scammers or making a mistake when making a transaction that will cost all the money invested. However, do not forget about the risks of using the exchange: choose projects that have existed for more than one year and are not “anonymous”. The more public the exchange or exchanger, the less likely it can be a scam.

The easiest way to invest and accumulate cryptocurrency is cloud mining. The essence of cloud mining is to rent mining capacities from a specialized company. The investor simply registers on the service and chooses the cryptocurrency he wants to mine. After purchasing the contract, they simply withdraw profit from the mined coins.

Investments in cloud mining provide passive income with daily payments and pay off, on average, in 3-4 months: however, this also depends on the company, the capacity of the equipment, and the selected contract. The advantage of this investment option is the low barrier of entry. You can start cloud mining even with $5.

This option of investing in cryptocurrency is suitable for everyone, regardless of the level of technical knowledge and experience in this field. However, you should be as careful as possible when choosing a service for cloud mining so as not to stumble upon scammers.

One of the most reliable representatives of cloud mining is Choose any valid package: having formed a strong and experienced community of miners from all over the world, the guys transferred their capacities to countries with low electricity tariffs to start their business.

The main feature of the company is completely ecological Bitcoin mining: they use renewable energy sources and take care of the environment.

Another feature of the company is the safety of its investors. Choose any valid package uses BTC as a payment currency, which increases security and opens access to anyone from anywhere in the world. The company’s powerful servers are maintained by real cybersecurity professionals, which takes the concept of privacy to a new level.

Mining power is provided by ASIC Whatsminer M20S 70TH/s and ASIC Antminer S15. Power consumption is relatively economical, and the case uses a lightweight but durable aluminum alloy to help speed up cooling. Miners are secure and protected from overheating. Such powerful equipment allows both the company and its investors to earn good money.

Choose any valid package that meets all your requirements. Each package has its advantage: it differs in duration, number of hashes (capacity), daily profit (the more capacity you rent – the more profit you get), and referral level. It has never been so easy – you create an account, choose the package and start mining crypto & getting your first profit. The presence of regular payments, a variety of mining packages, and an easy-to-use interface provide you with an A-star service.

Do not miss a chance to join their referral program: having your account, you can send your referral link with a special number to your friend. By clicking on the link they can view and register on the same platform. Then you will be able to shop together and increase the level of the referral program and thereby increasing your passive income.

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