Bitcoin, ApeCoin and Dogecoin – European Wrap 4 October

Bitcoin price shows a slight increase in momentum that has initiated a consolidation in the form of an ascending parallel channel, which can be seen steadily rising on the four-hour price chart. The recent retest of the lower trend line of this pattern has caused BTC to bounce and continue heading higher.


ApeCoin price has been consolidating in a tight range for roughly five months and is currently attempting to get out. A successful recovery will happen if the bullish momentum is sufficient and the market conditions are right.

APE/USDT 1-day chart

Dogecoin (DOGE) price has been left out of the relief rally that is going on in markets for the second day in a row. Safe-havens are coming off their highs in several asset classes, and risk assets such as cryptocurrencies are seeing more inflows. The risk is that Dogecoin price will miss the boat and see investors turning their back even further on the altcoin, leading to a deeper decline in price action soon.

DOGE/USD Daily chart





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