Bitcoin Ignites A Scientific Revolution

It is a rare event for humanity to experience a change in worldview. You could say that the last time such an event truly took place was at the end of the Middle Ages — with the development of the telescope and the printing press, people learned that the Earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around. These discoveries led to increasing distrust in the power of the time: the church.

With the crumbling of these old institutions, this dark period came to an end. A time of rebirth and prosperity would follow in the ensuing Golden Age, in which freedom, science and trade reigned supreme.

Today, we stand on the eve of a new revolution in the history of mankind. A scientific revolution in money: Bitcoin. The invention of absolutely scarce money is a paradigm shift and an anomaly within the realm of Keynesian economics. The technology is capable of destroying old power structures and returning power to the sovereign individual. A Digital Renaissance, resulting in the separation of money and state.

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