Can Moshnake, Nexo And Chainlink Improve Your Portfolio In The Current Crypto Recession?

The crypto space has suffered great setbacks over the past few months, but history has shown it won’t last forever.

This blog post considers three promising altcoins with prospects to reduce the recession effect on your portfolio: Moshnake (MSH), Nexo ( NEXO), and Chainlink (LINK). These crypto projects have what it takes to change your portfolio, especially during this recession positively. 

Nexo (NEXO) The One Stop Crypto Platform 

Nexo is a one-stop cryptocurrency platform where you can trade, lend, borrow, and exchange crypto assets. You get rewards through bonuses on purchases or interests on stored assets. The platform also offers users referral bonuses with no limitation on the number of referrals you can have. 

Nexo’s multiple utility and incentive mechanisms have attracted a lot of users. The Blockchain boasts 5+ million users worldwide, and its adoption rate keeps increasing. Nexo supports about 40+ cryptocurrencies meaning you have a wide range of options on the token to deposit as collateral when you want an instant crypto-backed loan. 

Nexo utility token NEXO had a great market run in the previous year, reaching a peak point of $4.63. While the recession has also affected it, the cryptocurrency is one of the few showing great prospects. We believe it’s worth considering, and you should watch it closely. 

Chainlink (LINK) The Decentralized Oracle Network 

The Chainlink network uses decentralized oracle networks to safely connect smart contracts with off-chain data feeds, services, and events. The blockchain platform enables developers to build hybrid smart contracts that are universally connected. 

The tamper-proof platform has a reputation for being one of the top players in data processing. It has connections with trusted data providers where they gain direct access to useful data. The open-source network also has a large community of researchers, security auditors, node operators, as well as smart contract developers, all of which contributes to its growth. 

Chainlink boasts $20B+ Total Value Locked (TVL), providing price data for leading DeFi protocols, including Aave, Synthetix, and compound. Chainlink is a popular crypto asset with a native token, LINK, which functions on the network as governance token and transaction fees.  Its peak price is about $52.88, but the recession has seen it decline to a one-figure market price. Nevertheless, you should monitor the crypto asset, as signs suggest it could rally towards its ATH in the coming months. 

Moshnake (MSH) The NFT Game 

Moshnake is an NFT game with shared similarities to the retro snake game on the Old Nokia device. The blockchain game rewards you for playing, one of the innovations the developers integrated into the classic snake game. Users can exchange their reward for other crypto assets or use it to purchase in-game items to win more. 

Moshnake will also feature a battle mode (Players vs. Players) where you can team up with others to compete in the battle royale arena. Playing Moshnake involves feeding your snake with eggs and other in-game items. The more your snake (Moshnake NFT) feeds, the more you earn. Moshnake is relatively easy to play and accessible to everyone. This increases its adoption potential. 

The game is built on the BNB Smart Chain. The blockchain network will ensure Moshnake maintains top speed despite the high volume of users expected. Moshnake will be cost-effective, community-focused, and highly secure. BNB Smart Chain will also ease the process of funding and withdrawing earnings from Moshnake, leveraging its connection to top CEXs. 

Moshnake (MSH) is the main token of the NFT game, and it’s currently available on presale. Presale tokens are not affected by the recession, and they’re poised to benefit from a better market condition when they launch. This makes purchasing Moshnake now a smart investment. 

Join the presale now, and get a 20% bonus on your first purchase.





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