Cryptocurrencies That Should Be In Your Portfolio In The Coming Year

The Q4 promises to be eventful, and many crypto enthusiasts have called it the last resort to correct the anomalies the crypto winter has caused in the market thus far and the time to prepare for the coming year.  

There are high hopes that the coming trading year will feature the advent of a new bull market rally, and experts have highlighted certain coins that should be in your portfolio to be amongst the top gainers in this market condition; Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Bitcoin (BTC) and Pancakeswap (CAKE).  

Bitcoin (BTC) 

Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies and inspired most of the crypto projects in the market today. The peer-to-peer digital currency is the pioneer token of the crypto market and gives users other payment and financial transaction options apart from the traditional banking system. Bitcoin has the highest market capitalization and market price ever for any crypto asset. It boasts hundreds of billion dollars in market capitalization and hit an all-time high of $68,789 during the previous bull run.  

Bitcoin (BTC) is by far the most popular cryptocurrency in the market, and analysts believe it should always take most of your portfolio (not financial advice). A decline in Bitcoin (BTC) price usually affects most other altcoins in the market. The cryptocurrency hasn’t been spared from this year’s harsh crypto winter. It has declined by about 72% in market price, one of its greatest price decline margins ever.  

However, with the bull market set to return, Bitcoin (BTC) is more likely to rise again to a point of significance, which could bring returns if you purchase at a low price. It is one of the crypto assets with a high probability of a price surge, which is why you should have it in your portfolio.  

PancakeSwap (CAKE)  

According to experts, the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector of the coin market will continue its impressive growth at a higher rate in the coming year. This means DeFi-related crypto assets have a high potential for a great market run in the coming year, and they should be a part of your portfolio. 

PancakeSwap is one of the most prominent defi-related crypto assets in the coin market, boasting promising prospects of an impressive run in the coming months. It is a decentralized exchange platform where users can swap tokens, earn through liquidity farming, and win tokens through lottery.  

PancakeSwap’s multi-utilities make it popular amongst crypto enthusiasts. It is one of the most used platforms for locking assets, boasting over $3 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL). CAKE is the platform’s native currency, and it had an impressive run in Q1 and Q2 of the previous year, hitting an impressive all-time high of $44.18 from an initial $0.0002 all-time low in 2020.  

CAKE has a high tendency to experience a similar huge price surge in the next bull market, making it one of the great crypto options to add to your portfolio in anticipation of the coming year.  

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) 

Meme coins have made a name for themselves in the coin market due to their unprecedented price surges during a bull run. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) may be the latest meme coin to achieve such during the next bull run. The new cryptocurrency is having one of the best presales for a meme coin, and its growing prominence makes it one coin to watch out for.  

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) combines DeFi utility with meme coins’ potential, making it more likely to succeed in the market than not. The cryptocurrency’s low presale price offers a chance of a high-profit margin that could be similar to Shiba Inu’s run in 2021.  

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) would be hoping to leverage its uniqueness, developers’ dedication, intervention in the world’s ecosystem, DeFi utility, and other features to become a top crypto asset. The meme coin is still available at the third presale stage, and you should join the presale before it sells out.  

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) 




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