Cryptocurrency Merchant Cryptex Introduced an Innovative Payment Method for Online Businesses

MOSCOW–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As modern economy requires entrepreneurs to find new approaches to optimize business processes, CryptexPay was recently launched as a payment solution for online businesses, including high-risk businesses. Implementing the payment gateway from Cryptex into the business ecosystem allows users to optimize individual internal processes and attract a new audience.

CryptexPay is a payment gateway that provides businesses the ability to conduct online transactions in cryptocurrency. It is installed by implementing a program code that redirects a request to perform a transaction to a merchant service.

With CryptexPay, businesses can use digital currency for payment. The transaction is sent to the network of the selected token, confirmed and recorded in the blockchain registry. After that, the coins are credited to the owner’s crypto wallet, or converted into dollars or rubles for transfer to a bank account.

The advantages of a cryptocurrency merchant are many. “Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly a trend of the modern world. The introduction of new technology allows businesses to make a new statement about themselves. They can also expand the target audience. According to a Paying study, in 2022 85% of suppliers use this technology to attract customers,” said Mikhail Nalilovich, a representative from Cryptex.

“Business owners can also choose stablecoins. These digital coins are pegged to the dollar or euro in a ratio of 1:1. They allow business owners to prevent risks associated with market volatility and receive payment at a fixed price. It is impossible to cancel a cryptocurrency payment, which will protect the company’s accounts from unauthorized refunds. No one will have access to accounts unless the entrepreneur himself decides to publish the records of the blockchain registry. CryptexPay facilitates the transfer of funds from abroad, and makes it possible to offer products on the international market. This also prevents all the costs of international transfer fees,” he added.

“Today, the majority of users of cryptocurrency merchants are leading international trading companies. A sign on the door of a cafe or pastry shop informing about additional payment systems is already considered a sign of a competent marketing strategy. The introduction of cryptocurrency payments not only optimizes payment systems, but also creates a progressive image of the company, opens up new opportunities to attract the target audience. CryptexPay aims to create immense growth opportunities for new-age businesses,” stated Mikhail.

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