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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are one of the most popular options for digital assets. Why is this, and how to work with tokens from the development, promotion, and subsequent maintenance process? The agency NFTWorkin talks about the most urgent questions regarding NFT. This is where you can order the creation of your token, which will ensure its existence on the market and also its successful promotion. 

Why have NFTs become so popular?

The technology works based on blockchain —  the same one that is determined by the absence of mediation, transparency, and a high level of data security. These characteristics formed the basis of NFT’s popularity: collectors and artists became interested in it, and later — owners of real estate and non-property assets: patents, unique formulation, etc. NFTs have been able to protect copyright and intellectual property better than laws. Furthermore, the technology has become a library, because the history of the ownership of certain elements is reflected in the blockchain and this data is immutable.

You can also mint NFTs, and you may have completely different reasons for doing so. However, how to go the full way: from the idea to the realization of the goal — experts from NFTWorkin tell.

The first step is to identify the asset

To create your NFT, you will need a digital or physical asset that will serve as the basis for the token’s value. 

Step two: choose an agency, or proceed to create a wallet yourself

You can mint NFTs yourself, and for this, you will need a Metamask Wallet and an asset in the form of several Ethereum cryptocurrencies. If you choose to go all the way on your own, you’ll need some technical skills and patience. Install the Metamask extension in your browser, create an account, and proceed to coin the token. There are certain technical nuances here.

If you don’t have enough time to create a token, and want everything to be flawless, leave this task to specialists. But be careful here too:

  • Browse developer portfolios;
  • Read reviews;
  • Pay attention to the reputation of projects that developers have dealt with before;
  • Look at the prices in the agency and compare them with the average market prices.

Choose those you can trust, and it will be your investment that will return a hundredfold.

Step Three: NFT Minting

You can create an image, give any name and describe your token as accurately and attractively as possible. Once you have added all the elements and set the settings regarding the total number of tokens available, and the ability to burn them, or mint new NFTs, your product is ready. Now you can start promoting the project, selling or exchanging tokens on decentralized exchanges. 

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