Hashkey exchange to onboard market makers to boost liquidity

Hashkey, one of the first crypto exchanges to be licensed in Hong Kong, will soon allow individual and enterprise market makers to provide liquidity on the exchange.

According to the Dec. 5 announcement, individuals and entities can apply to be a market maker on Hashkey provided that they trade at least $5 million worth of cryptocurrencies per month on the exchange. After a review of their business plans, approved applicants will be invited to sign a contract with the exchange’s due diligence team and begin trading on Dec. 28. 

Depending on monthly rankings or trading volume, users and firms will receive between 0.005% and 0.015% of transaction value as commission. That said, users and entities must demonstrate a trading volume of at least $100 million per month to enjoy the highest tier of commission revenue. All market makers are exempt from paying commission fees on trades.

Hong Kong-regulated exchanges have expanded service offerings and partnerships since the first licenses were granted in August. OSL, another Hong Kong licensed exchange, signed a partnership with Interactive Brokers on Nov. 28 to enable Hong Kong clients to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) using Interactive Brokers’ investment accounts. On Nov. 30, the firm onboarded Victory Securities, the first regulated broker in Hong Kong to obtain approval for virtual asset dealings, for crypto trading services on OSL’s platform. OSL received a $90 million investment from blockchain entity BGX in November. 

Meanwhile, Hashkey has been expanding its altcoin offerings, though they remain available only to accredited investors meeting a $1 million portfolio requirement. On Nov. 16, the firm launched comprehensive insurance coverage for users’ and enterprise assets stored within the exchange’s digital wallets. 

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