Here’s why Fortrex: Color Duels (MAGG), Bitcoin (BTC), and Stellar (XLM) are topping the cryptocurrency popularity charts

Cryptocurrencies have had a stellar year in the past with returns that left many analysts stunned. Their performance and popularity come after years of being considered too risky. Backed by advantages like data privacy and no third-party interference, these digital assets are now an integral part of the financial services ecosystem. While they are enabling investors to net higher gains, they are also helping businesses achieve economies of scale and grow with their competitive advantage. If you are still wondering about how cryptocurrency works, it is time you got to know the basics so that you can also take advantage of the cryptocurrency bull rush. If you are having trouble choosing an investment option, you can start by researching some of the leading names like Fortrex: Colour Duels (MAGG), Bitcoin (BTC), and Stellar (XLM). Here’s a brief look at some of their features.

How Fortrex: Color Duels lets users unleash their creativity

Fortrex: Color Duels is a play-to-earn platform wherein users can earn cryptocurrencies and enjoy a wide range of blockchain-based games. The platform has its own native token, MAGG, that can be used for staking, token swapping, earning rewards, and a host of other transactional purposes. Interested buyers can purchase the tone on presale. Users should know that the tokens bought on presale have a vesting period of four months or 16 weeks. The platform will also set aside some tokens for the team members which will have a lock-in period of three years.

Users can look forward to enjoying ‘loot boxes’ which are mystery packages containing digital content in the form of video games. Users spend real money to get in-game content delivered on a random basis. The content will help them gain an advantage while playing and boosts their chances of winning. As part of its efforts to ensure smooth operations, Fortrex: Color Duels comes with an automated liquidity creation feature and also incentivizes liquidity creation as well as a contribution to the liquidity staking pool.

Being a decentralised platform built with GameFi elements, Fortrex: Color Duels has an edge over other gaming platforms as it offers digital ownership in a true sense, offers a satisfying experience, and enables users to unleash their creativity in front of a thriving community. In addition,  unlike its competitors, Fortrex: Color Duels has a more balanced approach that is continuously evolving while building on its strengths. This is also apparent in the way it lets users have fun by playing games and building a decentralised economy with them.

Its governance structure is based on the decentralised autonomous organisations model and encourages community participation in the platform’s everyday operations. The DAO revenues will be collected from in-game purchases by players, royalties accruing from NFT marketplaces, and game battle pass sales. Token holders will get DAO revenues in proportion to their MAGG Token balances.

Robert Kiyosaki predicts a Bitcoin price dip

Bitcoin is one of the leading cryptocurrencies across the world which has had a successful run of more than a decade that is still continuing. Its native token BTC can be used for staking, yield farming, earning rewards, and liquidity pool acquisition, among other transactional purposes. Given the recent ups and downs in the cryptocurrency markets, there is a section of financial analysts like Robert Kiyosaki who are expecting the price of Bitcoin to head south. Recently, Kiyosaki warned that Bitcoin’s price is likely to go down massively but it could represent an opportunity for accumulation. Kiyosaki is the co-author of the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Stellar clocks 3,622,164 operations in 24 hours

Stellar is a decentralised platform that enables users to transfer data and digital assets like cryptocurrencies seamlessly. It has its own native token called XLM that can be used for a whole range of transactional purposes that include staking and yield farming. On July 23, 2022, the Stellar clocked 3,622,164 and 8,242,538 operations during the 24-hour period. The average transaction cost of the platform worked out to be $0.000004.

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