Kusari Blockchain the Decentralised Option for Fast, Cheap and Secure DeFi Network, Web 3 Substrate and Full EVM

No Restrictions, No Whitepaper Just Pure Innovation

Kusari chain is governed by the community giving total control on decisions with the decentralised on chain voting, trading and NFTs with a 1.7m low supply

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kusari Chain the live test network to SwapDEX utilises the capabilities of a Substrate framework, making the chain more adaptable for future forkless upgrades with Web 3.0 technologies. Kusari is the next generation of blockchain to be looking out for with its ability to keep up with seemingly ever-changing ecosystems and forking to upgrade now becoming a thing of the past. Kusari is well positioned to take on a progressive and competitive market, think of it like the relationship of Dot and KUS, GLMR and MOVR, that’s what you get with Kusari and SwapDEX chains.

Kusari’s aim is to help the crypto community reach true decentralisation. We aim to do this by providing a trading environment built on a custom blockchain that includes a easy to use dashboard which pulls both EVM and Substrate into one app and is currently being developed on the Kusari Network, It will grant easy access for projects to come and trade, develop DApps and interact at reasonable prices.

During the last bull run, where cryptocurrency prices soared to new heights, fees for trades and swaps also reached unseen levels, preventing the average user from participating in trading at reasonable prices. So Kusari and later on SwapDEX will become a true challenger in the market with its low transaction fees and a truly decentralised ecosystem.

Since 2020, when decentralised exchanges gained traction, a couple of solutions became apparent to the increased trading fees and the general cost of cryptocurrencies.

There are new cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects that have learned mistakes from their predecessors. Most try to tackle the various problems, be it through adding a layer for scalability or enabling trading at low fees through liquidity pools linked on external blockchains.

Currently going through it’s testing phase on the Kusari chain is fully integrated and operational EVM. The EVM, once live will enable a smooth deployment of existing smart contracts and D’Apps to its own chain, as well as giving crypto enthusiasts and traders the opportunity to trade their favourite coins and tokens with ease and at low transaction costs.

Additionally, Kusari empowers its community by putting the power of the blockchain into the hands of its users. The Kusari Chain motto is “No Restrictions, No Whitepaper Just Pure Innovation” we believe this is the way to achieve true decentralisation.

Integral to the Kusari Chain is an elaborate Staking and Voting mechanism which the community has full access to. Enabling any user to have a say in the future direction of the chain, equipping them with the tools to make sure that the project and the chain stays decentralised.

On top of everything else there are lot of things being developed on the Kusari Chain the live network to the SwapDEX Chain, it is still a testing ground for many projects wanting to experience a new life outside of high fee blockchains. Kusari will offer total freedom of choice to old and already established D’Apps.

Below are some of the other great points that will see Kusari stand out from the crowd.

• Cross Chain Blockchain focusing on DeFi.

• Dashboard to the Chain giving easy access for users integrating both EVM and Substrate onto one app.

• 200 unique NFTs giving back 10% of all transaction fees.

• Liquidity provider pools earning 50% of all chain transaction fees.

• Total Governance by its users and holders.

• Easy on boarding of EVM and substrate-based tokens with easy token wrapping options to make trading cheaper.

• Community and Development bounty rewards scheme.

• A growing community of dedicated and knowledgeable users from all walks of life.

To take a closer look, the link are below.


Kusari Website Official: https://kusari.network/

Kusari Docs: https://docs.kusari.network/

Kusari Staking: https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fws.kusari.network#/staking

Kusari Claim: https://app.kusari.network/#/claim

Kusari Explorer: https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fws.kusari.network#/explorer

EVM Block Explorer: https://evm.kusari.network/

Total Supply is only 1.7m and very much under the radar and at the time of writing the current MC sits at only 700k for a completed blockchain coin with endless use cases, links below for the social channels to find out more:

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