Marto Capital Launches Cryptocurrency Assets Portfolio Management Services

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 / — Marto Capital has launched its cryptocurrency assets portfolio management services for US-based investors. The investment platform brings the new digital currency investment management to investors thinking out of the box and looking forward to investing in the recent crypto market. Marto will be among the pioneer companies to manage cryptocurrency portfolios available to all US investors. The company aims to enable its clients to access the top growing investments, even those who want to invest in digital money but have no previous understanding and knowledge. They plan to support their clientele based on a well-researched and comprehensively designed plan for safe investment in crypto assets.

Until now, understanding the concept and workflow of cryptocurrency was a challenge, making it difficult for investors to consider as a profitable and safe investment. However, Marto plans to add great value and offer substantial returns to their customers by providing strategic investment plans and managing their crypto-asset portfolio. Marto’s strategy is to invest in a rigorous basket of cryptocurrencies that can outperform over an extensive time period under the active management of Marto Capital’s crypto investing teams.

The implementation of crypto assets and blockchain protocols is now ignited. It is expected that the trend will remain structural in nature for a long time. Marto, realizing this potential, has raised substantial capital to support the launch and mission to drive the financial industry to better wealth, empowering everyone to invest in emerging global success. The investment will be used to take significant steps in scaling Marto Capital’s underlying platform and the package of investment products, including Marto’s Crypto, alongside extending the core functional crypto investment teams.

Marto Capital’s claim

At Marto, the clients trust the portfolio selection, and a continuously increasing likelihood can be seen that crypto assets, particularly Bitcoin, will achieve value accrual and broad adoption. The company is excited to be among the first ones to introduce the latest offering to its clients.

Since its launch, Marto has evolved to manage portfolios of millions for thousands of clients. Now it has brought the opportunity for clients and the potential to invest in crypto assets.

About the company

Marto Capital was established in 2015 by Katina Stefanova, a Bulgarian-American investor and keynote speaker. She also serves as the CEO and CIO of the firm, a key decision-maker for the company. She is also a member of the Investment Committee of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund and a board member of One Heart Bulgaria.

The company is known as a provider of investment advisory services. With its cryptocurrency assets portfolio management services, the company is taking another significant step in the digitally evolving industry of new money exchange methods.

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