MetaGunner Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds Helping Its NFT Marketplace

MetaGunner announced that Chainlink Price Feeds had been incorporated into MetaGunner – an NFT Shooter Game — on the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. MetaGunner can easily access the tamper-proof price feeds for safe price conversions on the MetaGunner NFT marketplace by integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network. This will give confidence to users that NFT pricing on the MetaGunner marketplace is backed up by high-quality market data that is immune to single points of failure.

The BNB/USD Chainlink Price Feed is used in the initial integration, with additional feeds added as needed. Chainlink was chosen as our go-to oracle solution since its architecture is easy to integrate and has been used in production for a long time.

Chainlink help with the security of leading protocols of DeFi that are responsible for billions in smart contract value and high availability even in the face of unforeseeable events like exchange outages, flash crashes, and attacks of data infringement via flash loans.

MetaGunner is a Binance Smart Chain-based game with Run-and-Gun in which you may immerse yourself in combat set in a bleak wasteland populated by creatures. MetaGunner, which was created using the play-to-earn concept, allows users to possess a unique form of NFTs representing troops or weapons and get values along with NFTs.

NFTs in the MetaGunner operate in a rather straightforward manner: the assets in the game are coded as NFTs, which have value among players and collectors and can also be sold.

Traditionally, gaming is all about pay-to-win, with consumers purchasing products and upgrades helping to advance throughout the game having no real-world economic benefit. In MetaGunner, the Play-to-Earn concept may be used as a source of money for players who can earn important incentives for their gaming actions.

MetaGunner needed access to fresh values of the asset that were provided on-chain immediately in a highly reliable way in order to assist protects our NFT Marketplace price conversions. The average volume weight of all trading settings should be used to determine fair market asset values. As a result, we needed to employ an oracle network to acquire aggregated pricing data off-chain and send it on-chain for our application to consume.

Features offered in Chainlink Price feeds

Top Data Quality

Chainlink Price Feeds gather data from a variety of aggregators serving premium data, resulting in price data that is compiled from hundreds of exchanges and free of outliers and wash trades.

Securing Node Operators

Independent and oracle nodes of Sybil-resistant operated by premier Blockchain DevOps teams, data suppliers, and traditional organizations protect Chainlink Price Feeds.

Reputation System

Users may independently check the historical and real-time performance of node operators and oracle networks using Chainlink’s reputation system and set of on-chain monitoring tools.

Chainlink Prediction

Chainlink Node Operators presently has around 19,000, putting the project on track to become a completely decentralized oracle network. The Chainlink prediction remains optimistic and will rise beyond $27 at the start of 2022. Given the current state of the LINK ecosystem, the estimate implies that the link will hit $35 by the 2022 first half.

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