PancakeSwap, Uniswap, FlokiInu, Decentraland& AAVE

PancakeSwap, Uniswap, FlokiInu, Decentraland& AAVE – 5 Reasons These Cryptocurrencies Will Be the Game Changer


January 10, 2022

The market of cryptocurrencies has grown at an extraordinary pace in the previous decade, and it appears ready to scale new heights in 2022.

The cryptocurrency market has grown at an extraordinary pace in the previous decade, and it appears ready to scale new heights in 2022. Crypto investors appear set for a fantastic year with game-changing crypto assets.

Take a look at some of the important reasons why Pancakeswap, Uniswap, FlokiInu, and other cryptocurrencies will be the Game Changers.


1. PancakeSwap (CAKE)

PancakeSwap is a type of DEX known as an automated market maker (AMM). It is by far the most popular DEX in the blockchain industry. This is due to its enormous liquidity, broad feature set, and large user base.

It was launched in September 2020 by an unknown individual or group. PancakeSwap is a game-changer for several reasons. It is based on the Binance Chain BEP-2, which is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange with an average daily trade value of $27 billion.

Secondly, this platform is certified by CertiK, a prominent smart-contract security firm. As a result, it is more secure than unaudited DeFi projects. Also, one can trade cryptocurrency and tokens without intermediaries hence, keeping custody of one’s coins.

Investors can farm additional tokens such as CAKE and SYRUP. PancakeSwap also includes game-like elements. PancakeSwap also has a plethora of bunny-themed NFTs.

Moreover, new coins may be purchased through IFO sales launched by budding projects. These are the many reasons PancakeSwap will be a game-changer in the crypto market.


2. Uniswap (UNI)

UniSwap is one of the many DEXs to keep an eye on. It offers additional services than just cryptocurrency trading, making it distinct and appealing among the crypto community.

The platform enables traders to work as Liquidity Providers. UNI is compatible with all ERC-20 tokens and a few wallet services, such as MetaMask and MyEtherWallet. Additionally, any ERC-20-based cryptocurrency can be swapped on the latest version of Uniswap, which runs on both the Exchange and Factory smart contracts.

The platform is mainly open-source, allowing anyone to copy code and create their DEXs. Traders are encouraged to list tokens on the exchange for free.

Additionally, Uniswap’s fixed fee of 0.03% is far lower than many other competitors. Another incentive drawing more traders to Uniswap is the lack of verification.

Finally, the Uniswap team declared their ambition to produce “Uniswap the most flexible and efficient AMM ever developed” after the debut of Version 3. This new version increases capital efficiency fourfold over its previous version.


3. FlokiInu

The Shiba Inu fan community gave rise to another dog-themed meme coin, FlokiInu. The Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog breed imported from Japan 60 years ago. B, PetaByte Capital, Sabre, and MrBrown Whale established FLOKI.

FlokiInu doesn’t want to be known as just another meme coin. Its long-term goal is to provide value by establishing an autonomous and decentralized ecosystem and fostering partnership.

The platform can be utilized for various purposes, from NFTs to games and finance. It has its attention on metaverse. FlokiInu named its NFT gaming metaverse Valhalla, connected with Vikings in mythology.

It aims to support and develop projects like Valhalla and Flokiplace. They enable investors to trade NFTs and pay for goods using FLOKI as payment.

The foundation of FlokiInu is intended to make life more convenient and better for everyone. FlokiInu wants to “start a school in each continent first and eventually in every underdeveloped nation on the planet.” It has already made plans to establish a school in Ghana.


4. Bitgert (BRISE)

In 2021, Bitgert (BRISE) witnessed a substantial increase in price and trading volume. The Binance Smart Chain-based DeFi protocol was released on July 28, 2021.

The Bitgert token has a practical application, making it a game-changer. The team is creating a decentralized financial system, launching several services already. The Bitgert ecosystem now includes the Bitgret Audits, Brise wallet, and Bitgert Swap.

The project announced the Brise Exchange, which is expected to raise the cryptocurrency price in Q1 2022. After that, the anticipated zero gas fee blockchain will be released.

The project is developing rapidly, attracting the attention of many investors. Since staking began on December 7, 2021, the community has exploded. More than $25 million in BRISE has been sold in a few days.


5. Centcex (CENX)

Centcex is a decentralized economy project that offers a more secure trading platform and a superior user experience. The project’s goal is to create a platform that will improve existing decentralized systems, such as security and scalability.

The project also developed a novel incentive structure attracting cryptocurrency investors, particularly members of the Safemoon community. Centcex is working on one of the most influential cryptocurrency exchanges. Its exchange has a game-changing advantage because of its unrivaled security, speed, and privacy capabilities.

It has an exceptional user experience with outstanding utilities. It is believed that the Centcex ecosystem would offer consumers a variety of products, with 3% of each transaction going toward product development.


6. Decentraland

For a while, investors have been paying attention to Decentraland. It’s built on the Ethereum network and runs on its currency, MANA. It’s the most popular metaverse-related cryptocurrency. Decentraland has essentially paved the way for creating a virtual world in which customers can go to work, shop, and socialize.

Artists are already displaying and selling their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and artwork daily on Decentraland. Grayscale launched the Decentraland Trust, which has attracted significant institutional investors.

Decentraland has entered the mainstream because it has started a virtual real estate boom.



The Aave protocol is an open-source DeFi protocol. In 2022, its team will expand it to Curve Finance and Sushi Swap. Its team is working to establish a cross-chain governance connection, essential for future scaling.

The Aave team has begun working on V3. The mission of the open-source protocol is for capital efficiency, risk reduction, and cross-chain connectivity. It also intends to create a mobile wallet.

In 2022, Aave began working on NFT Collateral protocols; web3 upgrades in that year will include a native payments app. Aave has the largest market and lending pools in the blockchain world, putting it above some of its competitors. It majors operations on flash loans.

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