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Whether you’re launching a cryptocurrency project of your own, browsing and trading currencies on the fly, or speculating on the early presale stages of new coins, there are a variety of platforms that you can browse or engage with to support your efforts.

While much investor trust and confidence has been placed in long-time exchanges such as Uniswap and SushiSwap, the cryptocurrency world is one of constant innovation. MetaDexa, a new entrant to the blockchain platform ecosystem, has a secret weapon that has the potential to blast it past the established exchanges in popularity: marketing.

It’s no secret that public relations and advertising are strong indicators of success for proven cryptocurrencies. However, marketing is even more crucial for younger coins keen to prove their worth in the crowded world of cryptocurrency in 2022.

Read on to find out how one platform is making waves by integrating advertising support for crypto projects it supports.

The Importance of Marketing in the Crypto Sphere

For cryptocurrencies both big and small, brand awareness is a key factor in market penetration. Investors are not going to bet their assets on coins they’re unaware of, and likewise, buy-in from supporters can only occur when developers communicate clearly with their prospective customers.

The more information users have about particular currencies, as well as their understanding of the technology that powers them, the more likely they are to invest as customers. This fact is particularly important for coins that are new to the scene or in their presale stages – these coins do not have past metrics to analyse, and so a great deal of the trust they generate is reliant on effective, persuasive marketing.

Most savvy enthusiasts will do individual research before they acquire tokens, and so the results returned from a casual Google search are very valuable when considering the success of any blockchain project.

Lastly, it can’t be understated that flair and style are important factors when a currency aims to attract investment. All of the aesthetic decisions that go into the making of a cryptocurrency affect buyers’ perception: the name, the token abbreviation, the theme and graphic design supporting a coin are vital choices.

In short: nobody will buy a coin if it isn’t interesting. The challenge presented, therefore, is in ensuring that the selling points of cryptocurrencies are explained properly to lay people in attractive terms.

The Secret Weapon of MetaDexa unveiled

While industry-standard platforms such as SushiSwap and Uniswap certainly offer smooth and reliable experiences while launching your cryptocurrency project or browsing the market to purchase or sell tokens, these titans of the industry are quite hands-off when it comes to personalised support for upcoming projects.

The permissionless token launch pad of SushiSwap, called MISO, is easily accessed due to its low bar for entry, and detailed analytics are available on the status of projects launched. However, the platform takes a hands-off approach to support development. It can be seen more as a blank slate for projects to list themselves on, rather than a tailored experience.

In a similar fashion, the well-regarded platform of Uniswap allows for the creation of new liquidity pools and the exchange of tokens through the use of its Uniswap interface. The documentation behind this technology is extensive, and again, the interface is highly accessible – as long as you connect a Web3 Wallet, the platform is your oyster.

However, neither of these platforms offers personalised support for projects. This is where MetaDexa has trumped these previous platforms in value.

When launching a new endeavour using MetaDexa as a launchpad, this platform offers customised and integrated marketing support from its team of specialists. These journalists will work with projects’ developers to create targeted marketing articles which will be circulated amongst cryptocurrency publications.

Whether it be raising new projects’ SEO scores or simply making them show up as a top result when the project is searched on Google, this tailored support is bound to help new coins reach broader audiences than they could by attempting guerilla marketing: nothing beats the work of trained professionals.

So if you’re a development team eager to make their blockchain debut, look no further than MetaDexa as the platform of choice for 2022. Marketing is the name of the game, and it’s a smart choice to make use of custom communication support where it’s available.




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