Three Reasons You Should Invest In Logarithmic Finance In 2022

It’s around phase 2 of the bear market, and investors are wary about what next coin to put their money in. Some are even extremely close to withdrawing what’s left of their assets and saying their goodbyes. However drastic the situation might be, one thing we’ve seen is that no matter how dreary the bear market ends, the bull market always returns. And what better way do you have to prepare than to get some knowledge on the next promising coin worth investing in. Logarithmic Finance is a new cryptocurrency currently in its presale, and taking a unique approach to decentralized finance.

Whether you’re an investor or an innovator, there are reasons for you to invest in new cryptocurrencies like Logarithmic Finance (LOG). Opportunities to raise funds on any blockchain network are provided to innovators and opportunities to increase earnings for investors. Logarithmic Finance is a next-generation layer-III switching protocol that was painstakingly conceived and engineered to allow early-stage inventors and investors to connect seamlessly. Its token, LOG, is the governance and utility ERC-20 token, which will be utilized for various purposes, including, but not limited to, motivating the community, governance, ecosystem growth, and much more.

Reasons To Invest In Logarithmic Finance.

The Logarithmic Finance team will continue developing advanced functionality for both Project Innovators and Liquidity Providers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the true wonders of DeFi innovations in a safe, scalable, and cost-effective ecosystem. Below are the top three technical highlights, and reasons to invest in the Logarithmic Finance platform.

Multi-Chain Integration

The network intends to develop into a completely decentralized layer-III trading protocol that is equally compatible with a wide range of networks, including heterogeneous blockchains and inter-chain interactions between users. The system shall observe these integrations in a multi-phase rollout, followed by replacing the pseudo-centralized bridge with a completely decentralized consensus mechanism due to the complexity of the execution.

The cross-chain interface will be effective in enabling a variety of use cases for both innovators and investors in the cryptocurrency market. Innovators will be able to auction their tokens to several networks. For example, innovators will be able to auction their tokens on Ethereum to the NEO network to benefit from the NEO network’s reduced transaction fees and scalability.

Staking Rewards

Another advantage to investing in LOG is the rewards available to investors in the cryptocurrency market. Users can stake LOG tokens and earn incentives or passive income based on the amount of LOG staked and the APR of standard staking. Users will not be able to unstake before the lock-in time finishes, and different lock periods will generate different reward rates. Users will, however, be able to claim incentives linearly. LOG would grant users access to certain protocol-specific rights as an access token. Users would be categorized into different tiers and provided varying sets of privileges to use the protocol, depending on tokens invested.

Safety And Security

The safety of assets on any network is paramount. To ensure the safety of all assets, Logarithmic Finance will have smart contracts evaluated and inspected by a well-known security advisory organization. Once the audit is completed, the report will be released and made public.

In addition, the system aims to make the swapping mechanism available to end-users as secure as possible by using completely homomorphic encryption, eliminating the need to decrypt data packets while the computing process is running. While the computing activity is taking place behind the scenes, there is a need to decrypt the data packets. A completely homomorphic encryption scheme’s promise can be seen in the access it gives for arbitrary computation of encrypted material.

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